Win8Starter brings Start Menu in Windows 8

Windows 8 has no Start Menu Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. With Windows 8 Microsoft has made a drastic change in concept. The Metro UI has been introduced for making the usage of Windows easier for the beginners. The concept of start menu has been removed and has been replaced with […]

Windows Uptime Determination – Tips and Tools

It is often useful to know windows uptime. This is necessary mainly for the maintenance and troubleshooting of your PC. Some computer users hate to reboot PC never/rarely turn it off. Such practice may affect PC performance in long term and as a part of troubleshooting they may need to checkout the time you last […]

SSuite Office – System Monitor: Shows RAM, CPU, Pagefile Usage, Current IP Address

While testing SSuite Office – Backup Master earlier this day, I found out another tiny piece of software from them. Its SSuite Office – System Monitor; A real time desktop system monitor, that monitors system ram, cpu usage, page file load – {swap file}, and the system power in real time. It also shows internet […]

SSuite Office – Backup Master: A Simple Portable Backup Software for Windows

Computers made our life simpler and better by storing, processing and computing things in a faster pace. We store, process loads of valuable data everyday for various needs. But the digital life is so uncertain. You can loose everything withing a few seconds. Be it a hacker attack or a computer hardware crash – your […]

JetBoost Improves your Work and Gaming Experience

Windows uses many different processes and service to improve the experience and to for serving various needs related to its stability, security etc. We also install third party software to customize our choice and needs. Most if not all such software runs some background service all the time for its stability. Of course, with all […]

Incinerate Files with Kakasoft Super File Shredder

Normal File deletion in Windows (Shift + Delete) deletes only its metadata. Actually, the files hides on your hard disk somewhere and Windows only removes the entry from the FAT (file allocation table) so that the system does not see the file. These files can be found and recovered again as long as they haven’t […]

Anvi Browser Repair Tool Fixes Common Browser Problems

Browser is the most common infection vendor in Microsoft Windows. Malicious software hijack browsers, adds toolbar, change search engine, changes registry settings and makes internet browsing a hell-like experience with frequent pop-ups, redirection, crash etc. Among all browsers for Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer still rocks the market share since it comes pre-installed in Windows. Mozilla […]

System mechanic 11 Standard Brings Full Power to your PC: Review & Giveaway

Few days ago, I wrote about System Mechanic 11 Free Version. Actually, I was offered to wrote about the paid version some time ago and since the software does have many features, I had split that to two reviews by first writing about the free version. As mentioned there the powerful Free version still lacks […]

Undelete360 can Recover deleted Files and Shred Files & Free space: A Review

Normal delete function in Windows can only delete files metadata but keeps all the information, with which entire file can be recovered by file recovery software. Undelete360 is a Free software that can help you with recovering accidentally deleted files and also assist you to delete your sensitive files with precision to make it unrecoverable […]

Secure My Screen: An Ideal Alternative to Lock Windows PC

For most of us, personal computer is a place where we live our own world. Here, we do our office work, watch movies, listen to songs, play games etc. So, privacy is an utmost requirement to restrict unwanted interruptions. Microsoft understands this and that’s why there is are options to create multiple user accounts, lock […]

Piriform CCleaner Adds Full support for Windows 8

CCleaner has always been my number 1 choice for cleaning junk files, privacy items & junk registry entries. In fact it is the first software of this kind I used after Windows default utilities. There are a number of positive sides of the application. It is open-source, regularly updated & supported by a large, helpful […]

Kryptelite Encrypts Sensitive Files & Folders with ZIP and BZIP2 Data Compression & Shreds Original

Protecting sensitive data by encrypting it and then shredding the original is a must need set of job every professional needs to do. I have wrote about a few software that can do those jobs separately but only few are present that can do both jobs but none integrated both jobs at one go. Kryptelite […]

Review: System Mechanic 11 Free – An Outstanding System Maintenance Suite

Although an Operating System acts like a Robot and just responds to sensory input, it does have some feature like a live species. It ages out like human or like any other live species with time. There are lots of sources of such aging like fragmentation in disk and registry, lots of junk files, invalid […]

Password Protect Folder Quickly with Portable GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker

Locking a folder containing important files is always a great idea if you want to restrict access to those files. I have wrote posts on software like Power Lock, LocK-A-FoLdeR that can help in such scenario. GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker is just another software that works similar way as Power Lock, except that it cannot […]

Tweak Windows Settings with Portable Tweakers

Windows has many hidden settings for advanced users. Those can be managed by adding, removing or editing registry entries or by running commands. For less techie users, these can be complicated but if they are willing to use those tweaks without much exposure to technical details, Tweakers from Fahmy Corporation is an excellent choice. the […]