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If you have deleted some important files accidentally, don’t get too much depressed. Just keep your head cool because there are data recovery software that can unerase your files. Shift + Delete will visually delete files but leaves some traces which such software explores. Wise Data Recovery is such a free software that can efficiently undelete your ‘deleted’ to exactly the same state it was before. This is like PDFZilla Free File Undelete, that I discussed few days back. In developer description

Have you ever deleted some useful files by mistake? Have you ever regretted to remove some files which you want to use later? Have you ever lost some private data as the consequence of a sudden PC crash? Let Wise Data Recovery help you! Freeware Wise Data Recovery does well in recovering lost data, no matter which are images, documents, audios, videos, compressed files or emails. It can quickly and safely search and recover the file you want as long as you specify the drive, the file type, or the file name. Wise Data Recovery will also show you the difficult level of the recovery by indicating the data as “Good”, “Poor”, “Very Poor”, or “Lost” in the scan result.

Features & Specifications

  • Download the software from the following links

Installer Version [1.58 Mb]
SHA256: 694c23f0eea5f2639e95239e6c6ea380a5a58e0224fb056bfcc3e8be011f9ea0
SHA1: 2124d7debbcb19dab50a7699358baeb640f69926
MD5: 14c66baed4a772870460cde79c6c2578

Portable Version [573 Kb]
SHA256: a5399c4c98ce0266ba3e2865c949b0e82e6d309622c79c1d83f860c4ee3168c8
SHA1: 97e0c98cb78d73b7d3ba0f473459b2f1adfe4351
MD5: 678de78e8a5d8490bb1cad1c9e12d239

  • The software installation is quick and clean. It requires 2.6 Mb free disk space. After installation, it opens webpage to download other free software from the company. Desktop icon is created automatically.

  • To use the portable version, extract the files and run WiseDataRecovery.exe.
  • The software is Designed for XP,Vista,Win7/8 (both 32 and 64).
  • The software is multilingual; supports 18 languages.
  • The GUI is clean and easy to use. Just select the drive to scan and it will show the files that can be recovered there along with a recoverability rating
  • Select the files to recover and click on Recover. It will ask for a folder where the recovered files are to be saved. Please select another drive for saving those files.
  • It will start the recovery process and will quickly end that process with success and opens the output folder.
  • The software has no offline help documentation but have online help instructions.
  • It consumes low system resources at idle time but moderate while recovering files.
  • The software can manually check for updates.
  • The software uninstallation leaves no leftovers and opens a feedback page at the end.
My Verdict
The software is very nice in my testing. The software GUI is easy to use and navigate. Online instructions are good too. It is multilingual and has portable versions which are good for many. I would recommend the software but some things would be pointed out like the following
  • If the deleted files were in a particular folder, the software will not retrieve them in that folder.
  • Do NOT perform any write operations on the drive where the deleted files are present, else there is every chance that the recoverability will decrease.
  • I would prefer an option to select all or select none in the list of recoverable files.
Cheers !!

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