AB-Tools Free Image Printer: Print to Image, PDF, HTML, MFT, RTF, XLS and XLSX

For different purpose we use different file types and we often feel the need of software that interconverts among file types. An exciting way to file type conversion is virtual printing. With this nice feature any printable file can be converted to virtual printers output. Virtual printing softwares are common for printing to PDF but […]

ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer can Open Multiple File Types: Free Offer

Everyday we encounter a number of file types that are used for may different applications, e.g. .JPG, .PDF, .HTML, .RAR, .TXT, .PHP, .DOCX etc. Different in-built or third party softwares are required to view different category of files e.g. Picture Viewers, Archive Managers, Document Viewers etc. New computer users, often face troubles in remembering the […]

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder finds Near Duplicate Pictures

Often I got wallpaper collection from my friends where a number of pictures are in common and obviously its very tedious to find out duplicate pictures in a collection of large number of pictures. Nevertheless, there are software that can find out duplicates based on their filename, hashes etc. But what about near duplicate images? […]

Ashampoo Photo Converter 2: Swiss Army Knife for Photo Processing – Review & Giveaway

With the availability of cheap digital cameras, it is easy to capture the nice & rare moments of our life. It is also necessary to edit those captured images for better appeal. I have discussed about a number of Free and Paid software that assist in managing and editing image collections. I have also wrote […]

Photo Magician can Resize, Convert, Apply Effects to Multiple Images at Ultra Fast Speed

In my blog, I have wrote about a number of software Free & Paid, that can manage photographs for a variety of goals. Photo Magician from Sheldon Solutions is just another software but it is mainly useful for its fast conversion and completeness in features. It can resize, apply effects, convert format etc of images […]

ImageShareIt : Quickly Upload Photos For Sharing – A Review

Entertainment makes life happier to live. Going out for a trip, playing basketball, watching a movie, chatting on Facebook relieves the stress that a week long job load creates. With the availability and ease of use of Digital Cameras, taking a picture of memorable or fun moments is a common job we all do. Uploading […]

PhotoPad Photo Editor has Advanced Features with Basic Options: A Review

I have always liked to test Photo Editors and this time I will be writing about PhotoPad Photo Editor a software from NCH Software. Like other NCH Software I tested, this one is also well written and has advanced features. But don’t expect too much from it. The advanced features are not that much versatile […]