FotoJet – Create Collages, Posters, Comics, Cards Online

Pearl Mountain software is an well known graphics software developer and offers a number of paid and free softwares for creating collages, photo cards etc. Now-a-days online tools are constantly growing in number, to cope up with the need of the hour! So, they have recently developed a delightful online tool, FotoJet, to easily create […]

Exeone Vintager Review – Make your new photos look old

We are in an exciting age of photography with high quality cameras and excellent digital processing technology. However, old pictures still have their own classy essence. Personally, whenever I look into the old family albums, I still get thrilled. The advent of digital photographic algorithm has make it possible to give new picture an older […]

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture – Discount & Unlimited Licenses Giveaway

PCWinSoft 1AVCapture is an excellent tool with which you can capture or record anything on your computer screen or speaker. It is a toolkit comprising of audio capture, video capture and screen capture features. Now, you will record online movies, radios, power points and can even prepare video demos easily. The software has a decent […]

Live Aquarium HD Screensaver – 20 Licenses Giveaway

Live Aquarium HD is a high resolution screensaver from Digital Illusions Software developed by Ladislav Vojnic. It is now being extensively distributed by Ashampoo GmbH. It offers dazzling graphics and soothing sounds that can relive your stress of working day long and can also recharge your creative mind. 🙂

CollageIt Pro for Mac – Short Review and 10 Licenses Giveaway

CollageIt Pro for Mac from PearlMountain Technology is an easy-to-use but efficient Photo Collage Maker. It supports 4 collage styles and 30+ collage templates with which you can high quality photographic collage with upto 200 images. Powered with real-time preview, CollageIt for Mac allows you loads of customizations. You can change page size, collage background, […]

FX Photo Studio for Mac – Short Review and 5 Licenses Giveaway

With the easy availability of high quality digital cameras make our life exciting because now you can capture any memorable moments and share that with your friends and family. Often you may have desired to apply professional looking effects and frames that are normally seen in pro pictures. But thanks to brilliant software developers across […]

CollageIt Pro – An Easy but Efficient Photo Collage Maker – Review

A photo collage is a nice way to combine your favorite memories in a single picture. A classic way to make collage is to to pin number of pictures in a board in different alignments. After digital photographs came in the market, a number of software programs have been developed to make photo collage using […]

Secret Layer Pro Hides Data in Image and Extracts Data from Image

Often we need to send sensitive information to other person who is further away. The common way we do this is via email message, attachments or via any web service as a password protected/encrypted file. Now if the data is too much sensitive or if your are too much sceptic, you must know that none […]

Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard: Short Review & Free License Contest

You must have heard about the term dpi. Its Dots per Inch. Modern printers and scanners print/scan documents as a collection of dots; more the dpi better will be the resolution. Photo mosaic making comes from this context. If you create a image using a collection of thumbnails as dots then it will be called […]

Converseen: Convert & Compress Images in Batch

Due to the easy availability of Digital Cameras and also due to the availability of non copyrighted images via internet, we deal with photos everyday for various purpose. Most common job work to do with images is to Convert and Compress and the open source application Converseen does it all in batch. According to the […]

Cosmin Color Detector: Find the RGB & Hex Value of Any Color Pixel

Often we need to create objects with the same color as the existing one and we rely on our eye to choose the perfect match. every color has its own RGB and Hex code. RGB means Red-Green-Blue content of a color. Today I have found a software called Cosmin Color Detector that effectively identifies the […]