MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro 8 – LIFETIME Licenses Giveaway

Few days back I reviewed MiniTool Partition Wizard free Bootable CD. MiniTool also offers professional version of the Windows software with some advanced partitioning technology to help professional users. Moreover, it allows usage within business environment. You will be able to manage both basic disk and dynamic disk and convert dynamic disk to basic disk safely […]

MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD – An useful FREEware

Few days back I reviewed MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk and then came to know that Minitool offers FREEware boot disk to perform loads of operations with disk partitions. Normally during OS installation one gets a few options to create, merge, delete partitions but once the OS is installed, you need to use in-built […]

File Case Converter can Rename Files to Upper or Lower Case

Computer filenames are identifiers of files. Depending on your likings, you may like to have filenames of uppercase or lowercase letters. You may even like to have filenames with the initial letter of first word capitalized or initial letter of each word capitalized. You can easily change filenames of each individual files but for many […]

Remove Metadata from MP3 files using ID3Wipe or ID3Remover

Metadata in MP3 files remains as ID3 (Iterative Dichotomiser 3) tag. It keeps information like song title, the album, artist etc. In some scenarios you may want to erase all metadata from MP3 files, for example if all those contain wrong information or you want to use similar tagging method on all your music collection. […]

Converseen: Convert & Compress Images in Batch

Due to the easy availability of Digital Cameras and also due to the availability of non copyrighted images via internet, we deal with photos everyday for various purpose. Most common job work to do with images is to Convert and Compress and the open source application Converseen does it all in batch. According to the […]

Solid Renamer: An Easy, Light, Fast Filename Changing Software

File names are important for organization and recognition. Also file extensions which are part of the filename are important for its proper association with applications and functioning. So, for computer filenames the phrase what’s in a name is not valid ;-). While its easy to rename a file using default ways, it is troublesome if […]

Autorun Angel – Whitelists your startup items, drivers and autorun entries

Malware is the major tool of cyber crime. New mechanisms of spying, hacking and other malicious activities are being introduced everyday in malwares. Antimalware products use several different tools to detection malware or malicious activities.  But still it is not recommendd to rely on a single product. Layered security approach is the most recommended setup […]

Save2PC Light: Downloads YouTube Videos in Various Form

About Save2PC Light Save2PC Light is an efficient YouTube downloader that can download videos from YouTube in varying quality. With this software, you can download and enjoy YouTube videos offline in all kinds of devices. Save2PC Light is developed by FDRLab with the main developer Kirill Chermenin. According to the developer save2pc Light is a […]

Ringtone Downloader – Get Millions of Free Ringtones

About Ringtone Downloader Ringtone Downloader is a new software that can download millions of free ringtones. According to the developer, Ringtones are the melody your cellphone makes when an incoming call or text message is received. By changing these ringtones you can have a different sound for each caller you have in your address book, […]

PC HelpSoft Smart System Informer: Shows Detailed System Specs

Performance of a Windows PC depends on various parameters: its hardware specifications, running processes, startup items, installed software etc. So, to troubleshoot any issue, you need to know such details. PC HelpSoft Smart System Informer is a tiny freeware that provides all such information. According to the webpage, Smart System Informer is a free tool […]

SSuite Office – System Monitor: Shows RAM, CPU, Pagefile Usage, Current IP Address

While testing SSuite Office – Backup Master earlier this day, I found out another tiny piece of software from them. Its SSuite Office – System Monitor; A real time desktop system monitor, that monitors system ram, cpu usage, page file load – {swap file}, and the system power in real time. It also shows internet […]

SSuite Office – Backup Master: A Simple Portable Backup Software for Windows

Computers made our life simpler and better by storing, processing and computing things in a faster pace. We store, process loads of valuable data everyday for various needs. But the digital life is so uncertain. You can loose everything withing a few seconds. Be it a hacker attack or a computer hardware crash – your […]

JetBoost Improves your Work and Gaming Experience

Windows uses many different processes and service to improve the experience and to for serving various needs related to its stability, security etc. We also install third party software to customize our choice and needs. Most if not all such software runs some background service all the time for its stability. Of course, with all […]