Sponsored Review

Insights in Technology is open to do unbiased Sponsored Reviews of Paid Software and Services. Such reviews can be done at the exchange of any of the following.
License Giveaway
We generally ask the company to arrange limited or unlimited number of licenses for giving away free to our blog readers as a promotional event.
Paid Post
If we do not any scope to run a giveaway promotion, we generally ask the companies to pay a nominal fee of 50 to 100 USD for making a review of their products. The fee will depend on the software/service under consideration. We accept only PayPal payments.
Discount Promotion
We can also promote a shareware by writing its review and by offering an exclusive discount. We will ask you to set a commission on each sell made.

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  • Making review totally depends on the working schedule of Insights in Technology. During heavy workload, we may place you behind a queue.
  • Depending on the type of Software/Service, review can take some time. On special cases we may require more time.
  • Sponsored reviews will NOT be biased. We will give our honest opinion based on our testing.
  • If we are an affiliate of the company, we will place affiliate links in the content of the review.
  • For a dofollow backlink required by the vendor in the review, we may ask for additional licenses/fee.