Solid Renamer: An Easy, Light, Fast Filename Changing Software

File names are important for organization and recognition. Also file extensions which are part of the filename are important for its proper association with applications and functioning. So, for computer filenames the phrase what’s in a name is not valid ;-). While its easy to rename a file using default ways, it is troublesome if […]

SSuite Office – Backup Master: A Simple Portable Backup Software for Windows

Computers made our life simpler and better by storing, processing and computing things in a faster pace. We store, process loads of valuable data everyday for various needs. But the digital life is so uncertain. You can loose everything withing a few seconds. Be it a hacker attack or a computer hardware crash – your […]

AB-Tools Free Image Printer: Print to Image, PDF, HTML, MFT, RTF, XLS and XLSX

For different purpose we use different file types and we often feel the need of software that interconverts among file types. An exciting way to file type conversion is virtual printing. With this nice feature any printable file can be converted to virtual printers output. Virtual printing softwares are common for printing to PDF but […]

Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Android Removes Interoperability Barriers between Android and Mac OS / Windows PCs

Incompatibility issues always are troublesome when you work in multiple platforms. Now-a-days, both Windows and Mac are widely used and as such interoperability barriers between Android and Mac OS / Windows PCs are getting strengthened. Very often a Windows user fails to record a program received by an Android-based media center to his USB stick […]

System mechanic 11 Standard Brings Full Power to your PC: Review & Giveaway

Few days ago, I wrote about System Mechanic 11 Free Version. Actually, I was offered to wrote about the paid version some time ago and since the software does have many features, I had split that to two reviews by first writing about the free version. As mentioned there the powerful Free version still lacks […]

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder finds Near Duplicate Pictures

Often I got wallpaper collection from my friends where a number of pictures are in common and obviously its very tedious to find out duplicate pictures in a collection of large number of pictures. Nevertheless, there are software that can find out duplicates based on their filename, hashes etc. But what about near duplicate images? […]

Undelete360 can Recover deleted Files and Shred Files & Free space: A Review

Normal delete function in Windows can only delete files metadata but keeps all the information, with which entire file can be recovered by file recovery software. Undelete360 is a Free software that can help you with recovering accidentally deleted files and also assist you to delete your sensitive files with precision to make it unrecoverable […]

Kryptelite Encrypts Sensitive Files & Folders with ZIP and BZIP2 Data Compression & Shreds Original

Protecting sensitive data by encrypting it and then shredding the original is a must need set of job every professional needs to do. I have wrote about a few software that can do those jobs separately but only few are present that can do both jobs but none integrated both jobs at one go. Kryptelite […]

Review: System Mechanic 11 Free – An Outstanding System Maintenance Suite

Although an Operating System acts like a Robot and just responds to sensory input, it does have some feature like a live species. It ages out like human or like any other live species with time. There are lots of sources of such aging like fragmentation in disk and registry, lots of junk files, invalid […]

Abyssal Recovery Can Copy Corrupted Files from Local or Removable Storage

Have you ever faced ‘CRC [Cyclic redundancy check] Check failed’ error!! If you have already gone through such annoying error, you must have remembered that nightmare and don’t want to repeat that. Experts say, The cyclic redundancy check, or “CRC” error, indicates a bad spot on your hard drive. The fact that you’re seeing it […]

Password Protect Folder Quickly with Portable GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker

Locking a folder containing important files is always a great idea if you want to restrict access to those files. I have wrote posts on software like Power Lock, LocK-A-FoLdeR that can help in such scenario. GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker is just another software that works similar way as Power Lock, except that it cannot […]

Unerase Files with Free Wise Data Recovery

If you have deleted some important files accidentally, don’t get too much depressed. Just keep your head cool because there are data recovery software that can unerase your files. Shift + Delete will visually delete files but leaves some traces which such software explores. Wise Data Recovery is such a free software that can efficiently undelete your […]

Encrypt Files with Portable Encryption Apparatus

Encryption is the only way one can protect his files and documents from the access of malicious users. I have wrote a number of posts on software can encrypt files and folders and hide it fro curious eyes. Encryption Apparatus is a new portable freeware that can encrypt any file with ease. According to the developer, […]

Change Folder and File Attribute with Portable AttributeMagic Free

Few days back I wrote about XChange Attribute that was able to change attributes of a batch of files. Today I will discuss about AttributeMagic Free from Elwinsoft, a portable utility that can change attribute of both files and folders. Additionally it can change the Date and Time of Creation, Modification and Access of those file […]