Multi Dictionary Lookup can Query a Word in Different Online Dictionaries

If English is not your Mother Language and if you are not fluent in it, you must have felt the need to consult dictionaries while doing a conversation, reading an article or preparing a writeup. There are a number of desktop dictionary software and online directories available that you can use but to quickly learn about an unknown word, a browser add-on is the best one to have. Multi Dictionary Lookup is a Firefox Addon that can quickly lookup a word from one of several different dictionaries. Currently it supports the Free Dictionary, the Urban Dictionary, and the Bee Dictionary. In words of the developer,

I created this add-on because I felt the need for a dictionary plug-in that lets me look up the definition of a word without leaving the page that I am reading. A simple right click on the highlighted word brings up a choice of dictionaries with which to look up the word. New words constantly appear in the English language, and such words may not be present in the official English dictionary. For such words, I consult the Urban Dictionary. For some words, it helps to know the synonym and antonym, along with sample usage in a sentence. For such words, I consult the Bee Dictionary.For the rest, the Free Dictionary is the best!

Features & Specification

  • To use this addon, install latest version of Firefox and go to the add-on page.
  • Click on the + Add to Firefox button and you will be soon prompted to install the add-on and to do a restart of the browser after that.
  • Now go to any page, select a word and right click on it. You will find the three dictionaries listed in the menu.
Right Click Menu of Selected Word in Firefox
  • By selecting any option, you will find the meaning in that particular dictionary in a pop-up menu. That menu even have scrolling option.
Meaning of a Word in The Free Dictionary
Meaning of a Word in The Urban Dictionary
Meaning of a Word in The Bee Dictionary
My Verdict
I like the add-on and it surely has lot potential. It will become more interesting if the author will add other dictionaries, and maybe a thesaurus. I encountered an error while clicking on Options in Add-ons Manager of Firefox.

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://multidict.lookup/content/options.xul
Line Number 4, Column 1:^

If more dictionaries are added it will be better to list those under sub-menu, unless the right-click menu will unnecessarily grow in size.
Cheers !!

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