Minimize Window to System Tray using Hotkey with Window Minimizer

Previously I wrote about RBTray, which can minimize Window to System Tray by Right Clicking on the Minimize Button of Open Window. Recently I found a similar application which adds a Minimize To Tray entry to the right click menu of any open Window and can even assign a Hotkey combination for minimizing active open Window. The tool is known as Window Minimizer from IT Samples. According to the developer

This is small utility that allows you to minimize to the System Tray and restore each of the desktop window by selecting system menu item or pressing a user-defined hot key.

Features & Specification
  • The software is available as a Zip archive [ ; 44.3 Kb] containing the main executable [WindowMinimizer.exe ; 68 Kb] and associated files.
  • The files in that archive can be extracted in a folder and can be used on-the-go.
  • Launch the software by executing WindowMinimizer.exe.
  • Upon launching the software moves to Tray and you will be able to see an entry to the right-click menu of any Windows.
Entry in System Menu
  • The Tray icon provides the menu of the application when left or right clicked.
Tray Icon
  • In the Settings dialogue, you can manage the Hotkey combination to minimize any active Open Window and can set the application to launch at OS startup.
  • The Minimized Windows can be restored by left clicking on the tray icons.
Minimized Windows
  • System Resource usage of the application is minimal.
System Resource Usage
My Verdict
In comparison with RBTray, this software has some advantages and disadvantages.
RBTray consumes even less resources and it do not add any entry to the right-click menu and thereby do not increase the space used by that menu.
Window Minimizer in turn has two good advantages, Hotkey Combination for Minimizing to Tray and Starting with Windows option.
The software can be downloadd from the following link
CRC-32: 4a37aee6
MD4: 08432408e0a2b375c747e97f9ae9c292
MD5: dd0e800bbe83ea0723da42ec94a0e953
SHA-1: 6c5df50e334926ccb441b8bdd22655b4adbe1380
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