How to get old Windows Defender app back after Windows 10 Creators Update

If windows 10 creators update is installed in your PC, you must have noticed many changes in the looks and features of the Windows. Microsoft is continuing to upgrade the looks of all its apps to the new Fluent Design System and in that process hiding the components which is yet to wear the Fluent […]

Windows Uptime Determination – Tips and Tools

It is often useful to know windows uptime. This is necessary mainly for the maintenance and troubleshooting of your PC. Some computer users hate to reboot PC never/rarely turn it off. Such practice may affect PC performance in long term and as a part of troubleshooting they may need to checkout the time you last […]

Next Generation Firewalls for Dummies: Free PDF eBook from Palo Alto Networks

For Dummies books are famous for presenting different topics in a easier fashion. Whether that means directions on how to hook up a home network, carve a turkey, knit your first scarf, or load your new iPod, you can trust to tell it like it is, without all the technical jargon. Enterprise suffers from […]

Modern Malware For Dummies: Free PDF eBook from Palo Alto Networks

With our more and more involvement and dependence on digital life, cyber threat has also gone on increasing. Cyber criminals are applying malicious softwares to spy on computers and also taking control on it. The consequence could be anything worst. So, awareness for cyber security is a must and a number of security companies are […]

PC Tools Password Generator Helps to make Strong and Secure Passwords

Internet and computers made our life easier but it also made it easier for hackers to loot your account online. They use a variety of methods to do this like by spreading spywares, hacking you PC, via Brut-force attack to reveal account passwords etc. In addition to using a layered computer security system, there is […]

Fix: Error 404 at when using Custom Domain for Blogger

The Problem If you have registered a blog in Blogger, you will normally have a blogspot subdomain e.g. But you can also use custom domain name for blogger like paid TLDs like .com, .net, .info etc or free domains like .tk,, etc. Google have given proper instructions about this in a detailed […]

Download Songs from Online

If you are a music lover, you must be aware of This site has gained popularity because of its email service, news and mainly by its excellent music collection. Even Google shows results in music search along with and Recently this site has changed the approach towards Indian music by introducing […]

Download Music from Mixcloud as Mp3 and Other Formats Online

Recently I have been writing a number of posts on downloading music from SoundCloud. This is mainly because SoundCloud has become very popular as an audio distribution platform. But I have got some reports that many DJs are now quitting SoundCloud for their strict policy and have moved to alternatives. I am not going to […]

Online Services to Download Music from SoundCloud

Popularity of SoundCloud as a music sharing site is growing day by day. Since SoundCloud offers only limited number of musics as publicly downloadable, the need of software or online service that helps in downloading music from SoundCloud is also increasing. Previously I wrote about two software that helps downloading music from SoundCloud as MP3 […]

Add, Remove or Change OEM Information Manually or with Portable OEM Injector

If you have purchased a branded Notebook or PC, you must have seen a logo, Manufacturer and Model name in Windows System properties. This are the OEM information that every manufacturar attaches in a PC/Laptop they build. If you are a tech savvy user and don’t like such information to be displayed in your computer […]

Rectify Internet Connection Problems with Datum Complete Internet Repair or Manually

Internet is the most popular and important way of communicating, learning, earning, buying now-a-days. I myself find restless when something happens to the internet connection. Draw me in the cartoon 😉 Lol !! Anyway, internet connection problem may be broadly due to a problem with your ISP, connected Modem or Router or problem in the […]

Find Problems in Installed .NET Framework with .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool

In these days many good software requires .Net Frameworks for its functioning. Few days back I wrote about .Net Version Detector, with which you will be able to check if you have the required .Net Framework installed in your PC for running a particular software. Often installed .Net Framework gets corrupted and do not work […]

Fix Problems with Microsoft Silverlight:- Insert the ‘Microsoft Silverlight’ disk and click OK.

About Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight is an application framework that is used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages like Adobe Flash Player. Microsoft delivers Silverlight as an optional download via Windows Update. You may also download it from their official page. About the Problem Windows 7 users running Silverlight often face a […]