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Recently I have been writing a number of posts on downloading music from SoundCloud. This is mainly because SoundCloud has become very popular as an audio distribution platform. But I have got some reports that many DJs are now quitting SoundCloud for their strict policy and have moved to alternatives. I am not going to criticize SoundCloud because I know that every service has its right to be perfect in its own way. Mixcloud has become a common choice for DJs who have left SoundCloud. Downloading music from Mixcloud is thus a popular demand in recent times. Today I will tell you about two online services that can assist you in downloading music from Mixcloud.

Paste the link of the song [e.g.] in the box and click on OFF, wait for a moment and you will see a yellow box saying ‘Right-click here and ‘Save link as …‘. Right click on the box and save the link to start downloading the mp3.
For the current purpose, go to the site. Under Audio Converter, select the target format from the drop down menu. Currently it supports MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, M4A audio formats. It will then redirect you to the appropriate page [viz.]. Paste the link of the song in the box under ‘Or enter URL of the file you want to convert to MP3‘. Here you may change settings like audio bitrate, frequency and channels. Click on Convert file to initiate the conversion and download automatically.
Other sites:
My Verdict

This post has similar instructions as the post
Online Services to Download Music from SoundCloud
and as I said there

The lists above are taken from Google Search and from suggestions given by the website owners. If I have missed any such services, please let me know. I will add that to my list. Please note that the above order is not according to the effectiveness and my choice, it is just arbitrary. Just the last two services was not working in my case.

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9 thoughts on “Download Music from Mixcloud as Mp3 and Other Formats Online

  1. Thanks man!
    there's also a great tool that I use to download music from mixcloud, it's called Torch browser, have you heard of it?

  2. Hi, I used the Offliberty program as you said, but the output is not a mp3 file, but a CRDOWNLOAD File (.crdownload). Is there any way to solve this? Thanks.

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