Click2Public: Send files to Public Dropbox folder via Context Menu

Internet is becoming the most popular media to store and share files due to the easy availability of quality services like Dropbox, Sugersync, ADrive etc. Dropbox undoubtedly is the most popular due to ease of use and compatibility. It offers a range of features for storage and sharing of files and also a desktop client. […]

Save2PC Light: Downloads YouTube Videos in Various Form

About Save2PC Light Save2PC Light is an efficient YouTube downloader that can download videos from YouTube in varying quality. With this software, you can download and enjoy YouTube videos offline in all kinds of devices. Save2PC Light is developed by FDRLab with the main developer Kirill Chermenin. According to the developer save2pc Light is a […]

Ringtone Downloader – Get Millions of Free Ringtones

About Ringtone Downloader Ringtone Downloader is a new software that can download millions of free ringtones. According to the developer, Ringtones are the melody your cellphone makes when an incoming call or text message is received. By changing these ringtones you can have a different sound for each caller you have in your address book, […]

Youtube Downloader HD can Download Youtube Videos in Normal & HD Format

YouTube is the most popular online video sharing site now-a-days. Lots of video demonstrations and non-copyrighted works are being distributed everyday through Youtube and its a wise idea to keep backups of these useful videos for offline viewing. Officially YouTube do not provide downloading but lots of software and online service made that possible. YouTube […]

Batch Download MP3 Songs from SoundCloud with Free Soundcloud Downloader and SoundDownloader

SoundCloud is very popular now and I have wrote a number of posts on it. This time I will be writing about on software that will help you to download multiple songs from SoundCloud at a time. The first one, SoundDownloader has already been featured in this site but at the time of that post, […]

Download Songs from Online

If you are a music lover, you must be aware of This site has gained popularity because of its email service, news and mainly by its excellent music collection. Even Google shows results in music search along with and Recently this site has changed the approach towards Indian music by introducing […]

Download Music from Mixcloud as Mp3 and Other Formats Online

Recently I have been writing a number of posts on downloading music from SoundCloud. This is mainly because SoundCloud has become very popular as an audio distribution platform. But I have got some reports that many DJs are now quitting SoundCloud for their strict policy and have moved to alternatives. I am not going to […]

Online Services to Download Music from SoundCloud

Popularity of SoundCloud as a music sharing site is growing day by day. Since SoundCloud offers only limited number of musics as publicly downloadable, the need of software or online service that helps in downloading music from SoundCloud is also increasing. Previously I wrote about two software that helps downloading music from SoundCloud as MP3 […]

Download Music from SoundCloud and YouTube as MP3 and AAC with SoundDownloader

Few days ago I wrote about SoundCloud Downloader, which can download music from SoundCloud as MP3. I have also wrote articles on YouTube Downloaders, which can download from YouTube in different formats including MP3. Today I will write about SoundDownloader which can download music from both SoundCloud and YouTube as MP3 and AAC format. According […]

Download Music from SoundCloud as MP3 with Portable Free SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud is a social music sharing platform where the users can share personalized audio recordings and other genuinely free music files. It is currently the major rival of MySpace which also features similar thing along with social networking platform. Unlike YouTube, SoundCloud allows users to download some audio files for free, but up to a […]

Rylstim Youtube Downloader is a Straightforward Tool to Save Youtube Videos in Multiple Formats

YouTube is probably the most popular online video sharing sites and it’s always good to download your favorite videos from Youtube for offline use. Unfortunately Youtube do not provide any official way to download videos from their site but its easy and legal to download videos from Youtube using tools like Movie Saver NoVirusThanks Youtube […]

NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader can convert and download Streaming Videos

Italian company NoVirusThanks is specialized in different security related products and services. A month ago I wrote about NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool. They have also made some different kind of software. An example is NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader. Although in its early phase the software is already powerful and its FREE.

Movie Saver can Download Streaming Videos of High Quality

Online video sharing sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc are a very good places to find Video Tutorials, Movie Trailers and even full free movies. While viewing those online is good for users with high connection speed it is usually a pain for users with slow internet speed to view them online. More over it […]

CCFinder: A desktop application to easily search Images with Creative Commons License

If you want to share any image or video without the risk of infringing copyright, you should definitely use Creative Commons Search (CC Search). According to them their goal is …give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to keep their copyright while allowing certain uses of their work […]