SmallPDF – Efficient online tool to Compress, Split, Merge, Unlock, Convert PDF

Today’s technology is very much inclined towards portability, and so online services are gaining increasingly more importance, because an efficient online tool negates the need to locally install software. SmallPDF is such an useful tool that I use regularly for various PDF management needs. Currently, the service lets you easily Compress, Merge, Split, Unlock PDF […]

FotoJet – Create Collages, Posters, Comics, Cards Online

Pearl Mountain software is an well known graphics software developer and offers a number of paid and free softwares for creating collages, photo cards etc. Now-a-days online tools are constantly growing in number, to cope up with the need of the hour! So, they have recently developed a delightful online tool, FotoJet, to easily create […]

PDF Burger – Free Online PDF Creator-Merger, PDF to Word-JPG Converter

PDF, Portable Document Format has alomost become a standard in easy, safe, and quick way of online data sharing and storing. So, there is a huge need for applications, usually freeware, to create PDF from other formats and also to convert PDF to other formats. There have been a number of freeware applications and online […]

SaveDeo – Download Streaming Videos in Different Formats

SaveDeo is a online service for downloading streaming videos in all available formats. Supported sites are: YouTube, vimeo, Facebook, TED, Instagram, flickr, VEVO, Vine, Twitch, Blip TV, College Humor, Apple Trailers, Adobe TV, SoundCloud, Metacafe and Mixcloud. Normally, none of those sites make those files available for download but SaveDeo uses an unique legal way […]

Click2Public: Send files to Public Dropbox folder via Context Menu

Internet is becoming the most popular media to store and share files due to the easy availability of quality services like Dropbox, Sugersync, ADrive etc. Dropbox undoubtedly is the most popular due to ease of use and compatibility. It offers a range of features for storage and sharing of files and also a desktop client. […]

PC Tools Password Generator Helps to make Strong and Secure Passwords

Internet and computers made our life easier but it also made it easier for hackers to loot your account online. They use a variety of methods to do this like by spreading spywares, hacking you PC, via Brut-force attack to reveal account passwords etc. In addition to using a layered computer security system, there is […]

Use Scientific Calculator Online in Google Search and in Alternatives

Although Windows and most recent operating systems comes with a In-Built Scientific Calculator, for persons like me who-hate-to-use-offline-apps-if-found-online, Google have recently launched a Scientific Calculator in its search engine. This news had been spread like an epidemic and most of your must be already know. Still I am writing this because I want to inform […]