Modern Malware For Dummies: Free PDF eBook from Palo Alto Networks

With our more and more involvement and dependence on digital life, cyber threat has also gone on increasing. Cyber criminals are applying malicious softwares to spy on computers and also taking control on it. The consequence could be anything worst. So, awareness for cyber security is a must and a number of security companies are taking initiatives now-a-days by creating documentary, info-graphics, comics, online series and by giving away free copies of awareness documents or eBooks. Palo Alto Networks has taken an initiative to aware people with the in-depth analysis on today’s malware, and how it has evolved beyond traditional approaches to security by giving away free copies of Modern Malware For Dummies. This book uncovers modern malware strategies and even outlines specific actions and technologies needed to regain control over today’s malware.

Book Description
Modern malware has evolved, and this new breed of highly sophisticated and networked threats has become one of the pre-eminent risks to today’s enterprise. Understanding the lifecycle of a modern attack and its framework is critical to employing effective controls — such as next-generation firewalls — to protect your network and users. With cybercriminals motivated by far more than notoriety and attacks that are increasingly sponsored by criminal organizations and rogue nation-states, the stakes have never been higher! With this book, you find out how modern malware infects enterprise networks, why traditional security can’t protect your network, and how next-generation firewalls succeed where other security solutions fail. You also get the steps to take to protect your network from today’s malware.
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