Password Protect Folder Quickly with Portable GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker

Locking a folder containing important files is always a great idea if you want to restrict access to those files. I have wrote posts on software like Power Lock, LocK-A-FoLdeR that can help in such scenario. GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker is just another software that works similar way as Power Lock, except that it cannot lock files. The good part of the software is that it is portable, lightweight, easy to use and free.

Features & Specifications
The software can be downloaded from the Softpedia download page.
The installer (GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker.exe ; 945 kb) is not digitally signed and has the following file hash.
SHA256: f1d4b6ec710a9692dfe987f9cb39b5883b8761e22dc8ff6573c7d8837519185c
SHA1: 3c51aa22261f051126f561d9576cb6fd6895d442
MD5: 007011998eb7811071522c8ace164826
The application can be launched by executing the software. Administrative rights is not required. The software can run on any Windows version, 32 or 64 bit with .Net Framework 2.0 installed.
Upon launching the software for the first time, it will ask to create a password. It can accept password of any length. The bad part is that the software do not mask the characters in the password with asterisk.
You will be presented with a screen with option to lock a folder, unlock a locked folder and to change password.
While trying to access a folder locked with GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker, you will see a pop-up like the following.
The software do not have any offline or online help documentation. I don’t think any such help file is unnecessary for a software as easy as this.
The software consumes little system resources.
My Verdict
I always like tiny software like this while it is portable too. Few things need to be worked out.
1. Mask the characters in the password with asterisk.
2. Ask for a password reprompt while changing password.
3. If not used for some time, automatically lock the software.
4. Don’t allow locking a already locked folder.
5. Don’t accept password with less than 6 characters.
6. Lock folder via context menu entry of the software. A send to menu will also work.
Cheers !!

4 thoughts on “Password Protect Folder Quickly with Portable GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker

  1. Much better if there's a context menu. Just right click, choose the program, enter the password, and then lock.

    Thanks for the another great review 🙂

  2. Most Lock Or Hide Folder/Directory Are Quite Dangerous. I Meant I Have the Last Time I try one, it let me down AND make me down. LOL
    Actually I hide And Protect the Folder (Though I forget which Software I used, it couldn;'t be that many though).
    It works Fine Until I Defragment My hard disk The WHOLE folder gone!!! A few GB of My Data Gone But Of course An Experience user always Backup thier data.
    Anyway I think Some Hard disk Correction software conflict with these type of programs, it may think it a invalid folder correct it and free the space for you. The Problem is that u can't even recover your files (I try to using R-Studio)
    If Really no problem do let me know…

  3. do you know how to fix the problem that occured when i've installed this program, when i try to unlock the folder then the error message occured even when i entered the correct password..i can't access my folder that has been locked..thanks

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