Kryptelite Encrypts Sensitive Files & Folders with ZIP and BZIP2 Data Compression & Shreds Original

Protecting sensitive data by encrypting it and then shredding the original is a must need set of job every professional needs to do. I have wrote about a few software that can do those jobs separately but only few are present that can do both jobs but none integrated both jobs at one go. Kryptelite […]

Password Protect Folder Quickly with Portable GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker

Locking a folder containing important files is always a great idea if you want to restrict access to those files. I have wrote posts on software like Power Lock, LocK-A-FoLdeR that can help in such scenario. GrekSoft Easy Directory Locker is just another software that works similar way as Power Lock, except that it cannot […]

Encrypt Files with Portable Encryption Apparatus

Encryption is the only way one can protect his files and documents from the access of malicious users. I have wrote a number of posts on software can encrypt files and folders and hide it fro curious eyes.¬†Encryption Apparatus is a new portable freeware that can encrypt any file with ease. According to the developer, […]

ImmediateCrypt: Cross Platform Portable Software to Encrypt and Decrypt Text

Often you might like to send a secure message to your partner. You must have liked to encrypt the message so that only your partner is able to open it. Encrypting text is a good thing to do in such scenario. ImmediateCrypt is a Cross Platform Portable Software to Encrypt and Decrypt Text Messages. It […]

File Secure Free is an All-In-One Toolbox to Manage Privacy and Security of Files, Folders and USB Drives

Normally we use different software for backing up important files and folders, encrypting personal files, locking personal USB drive and shredding sensitive files and folders. But with the first release of File Secure Free from Vitarsoft, you will not need separate application for performing the aforementioned tasks since it has all tools inbuilt and still […]

MEO Encryption Compresses and Encrypts Sensitive Files and Emails

Few days ago I wrote about LocK-A-FoLdeR with which you can lock your sensitive files in a folder. Today I will write about another free software MEO Encryption which allows you to encrypt and decrypt files or folders or emails against unauthorized viewers. You can encrypt using either the BlowFish or 3-Des algorithims. MEO Encryption […]