Free Any Burn: An Advanced CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Burner and Disk Image Manager – Review

In spite of the popularity of USB drives as a media of data transfer, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray are still being used widely. Although Windows come with a basic software to burn data to CD / DVD, you will need third party software for creation of advanced disks; Music CD, Bootable disk, Movie DVD etc. I have wrote posts on two such software gBurner and Free CD DVD Burner. Today I will write about another alternative Free Any Burn which does the same job along with basic management of Disk Image Files. This software is from the same developer as WinArchiver and gBurner. The software can Burn files/folders, image files to disk, Create Audio CD, Copy disk to another disk or as an image file, Erase Re-writable disk, View Disk & Drive information, Create Image file from files/folders and Convert Image file formats.

Features & Specifications
  • The software can be downloaded from the following link [887 Kb].

  • The installer is digitally signed by Power Software Ltd.
  • Installation went clean and fast with creation of Desktop and Quick Launch icons by default.
  • The software can run on any Windows version, both 32 and 64 bit.
  • The main GUI is well designed for quick navigation to desired task. It loads fast and is non resizable. You can open multiple instances of the software at one time.
  • All the available task are presented in a Wizard like fashion. But once you move to a particular task there is no way to go back to the parent Window; the back button will be grayed out.
1. Burn Image File to Disk

Select image file, burning drive, burning speed etc and click on Burn Now.

2. Burn Files/Folders to Disk
Add files and folder by using the explorer type Window, select burning drive, burning speed etc and click on Burn Now.

3. Burn Audio CD

Add audios, edit album properties, select burning drive, burning speed etc and click on Burn Now.

4. Erase Rewritable Disk

Select Quick or Full Erase type, Erasing speed and click on Erase Now.

5. Create Image File from the Disk

Select Source Drive, Destination Image File Name, Image File Type and Click on Create Now.

6. Copy Disk

Select Source and Destination Drive, Burning Speed etc and click on Copy Now.

7. Create Image File from Files/Folders
Add files and folder by using the explorer type Window, Change Level, Adjust Image File Properties, Select image file name and type, burning speed etc and click on Create Now.

Change General Image Properties
Change Date/Time Information of the Image File
8. Convert Image Files

Select Source and Destination Image File and Destination Image File type and click on Convert Now.

9. View Drive/Disk Information
You will be allowed to select a drive and choose among Disk or Drive information at a time.

Drive Information
Disk Information
  • The software has an option to verify written data during after burning completes for ensuring a successful burn process.
  • The software supports the following burning and erasing speed.
  • The software supports a large number of input image files but only ISO, BIN and CUE output images are supported.

The software lacks any offline help documentation. Online documentation is available.
The software uses minimal system resources at idle time and slightly higher while performing any task.

System Resource Usage at Idle Time
System Resource Usage while performing a Task
My Verdict

I really like this software and would like to recommend it. This software can be improved in some aspects.

  • Provide a Back button for quick navigation to the parent dialogue; otherwise for switching job you need to close and relaunch it.
  • Support Drag & Drop option while adding files and folders.
  • It can add only folders that don’t have any sub-folder. This thing should be changed, it should allow adding any folder.
  • The GUI should provide a minimize button.
  • The software do not support very large file name (I am not sure about the limit). I wish that will be allowed in future.
  • Support more output image file types.
  • Allow manual update checking of the software.
  • Add offline help documentation.

There is no portable version available but that can be easily created. According to instructions from the developer

  1. Install Free Any Burn.
  2. Go to Free Any Burn installation folder (for example, C:Program FilesFree Any Burn”).
  3. Zip all files in the installation folder except ‘uninstall.exe’ to a file, for example, ‘’.
  4. The portable version is done. You can extract the zip file on a new computer, and run ‘anyburn.exe’ to launch Free Any Burn.

 Cheers !!

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