4K Video to MP3 – A No-nonsense Cross-platform Freeware

Audio and video files are the major sources of media entertainment and every computer user, irrespective of the level of computer knowledge, wants to play around with these media files. There are numerous free softwares in the market for doing various operations on audio and video files, but every software may not suit the need […]

MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD – An useful FREEware

Few days back I reviewed MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk and then came to know that Minitool offers FREEware boot disk to perform loads of operations with disk partitions. Normally during OS installation one gets a few options to create, merge, delete partitions but once the OS is installed, you need to use in-built […]

Eltima Airy YouTube Video Downloader: An Easy & Complete App for Mac

YouTube is currently the best source of online videos which you can view in browser using flash player. Often users in slow connections plans cannot enjoy viewing YouTube videos due to incessant buffering of the videos. Moreover, YouTube videos suffer from the disadvantage of having internet connection all the time for viewing videos and also […]

Soda PDF for Mac OS: Open, view & review PDF, CBR and CBZ files Free

LULU software have recently released their first Mac product, Soda PDF for Mac OS. Like other Soda PDF products, this one is also very useful and effective. It actually does quite a few things for free that most other free Mac PDF products don’t do. As the title suggests it able to open PDF, CBR […]

Folx Pro: Mac Download Manager – Short review & Giveaway

Downloading files, images, documents are the most common job we do while browsing the Internet. All, Internet browsers come with a download manager but in most cases these are limited in features and usefulness. If you are an Windows user, you must be using feature-rich download managers like Free Download Manager, Internet Download Manager, Download […]

Eltima Im Away is an IM status changer for Mac OS X

In our busy schedule Instant Messengers (Im) are the only way to stay connected with our friends, family members and also with business collaborators. Many of us use multiple instant messengers at once, some for business purpose, some for friends and family members etc. So, you need to change your status message in every instant messenger once […]

CleanMyDrive for Macintosh Cleans Junk in External HDD and Flash Drive

External files and flash drives are used to backup your data and for data transport. So, space utilization is a very important issue. Often needless service junk are generated by Windows or Mac OS, such as .DS_Store, Thumbs.db, .Spotlight, hidden trashes and so on. These files take up valuable space, creates fragmentation and slows down […]

Langwitch for Mac – Easily Switch Between Keyboard Layouts

Keyboard Layouts i.e. the specific mechanical, visual, or functional arrangement of the keys vary from country to country. The process of switching between keyboard layouts is easy but lengthy. So, for Mac users who switch keyboard layouts frequently, Eltima has developed Langwitch. According to the developer, Langwitch is a simple FREE utility for Mac OS […]

Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Android Removes Interoperability Barriers between Android and Mac OS / Windows PCs

Incompatibility issues always are troublesome when you work in multiple platforms. Now-a-days, both Windows and Mac are widely used and as such interoperability barriers between Android and Mac OS / Windows PCs are getting strengthened. Very often a Windows user fails to record a program received by an Android-based media center to his USB stick […]

Piriform CCleaner Adds Full support for Windows 8

CCleaner has always been my number 1 choice for cleaning junk files, privacy items & junk registry entries. In fact it is the first software of this kind I used after Windows default utilities. There are a number of positive sides of the application. It is open-source, regularly updated & supported by a large, helpful […]

Bandizip is a Lightweight, Feature Rich, Versatile Archiving Tool – A Review

If you are looking for a feature-rich freeware alternative of WinZip, WinRAR, PowerArchiver, WinArchiver etc, I should introduce you with Bandizip from Bandisoft.Bandizip is a freeware, multilingual archive manager for Windows that can handle multiple archive formats including ZipX. It has many features including Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression, File […]

Close Duplicate and Emply Tabs in Firefox with Duplicate Tab Closer Extension

Tabbed Browsing made internet browsing smoother by removing distractions. It has become popular since Mozilla implemented this feature in its open source browser Firefox and mainly this is the feature that made Firefox the better choice among technologically inclined peoples. I have seen a number of friends who are totally taboholic. Although tabbed browsing is […]

Schedule Downloads in Night Unlimited Connection with Download Scheduler Add-on for Firefox

If you are running a limited bandwidth connection with unlimited access in a specific time duration of a day like the Night Unlimited Plan in BSNL (2AM to 8AM), you must have spend sleepless nights downloading files, so that your bandwidth doesn’t exceed. But if you google properly, you will find information about a number […]