Incinerate Files with Kakasoft Super File Shredder

Normal File deletion in Windows (Shift + Delete) deletes only its metadata. Actually, the files hides on your hard disk somewhere and Windows only removes the entry from the FAT (file allocation table) so that the system does not see the file. These files can be found and recovered again as long as they haven’t […]

Anvi Browser Repair Tool Fixes Common Browser Problems

Browser is the most common infection vendor in Microsoft Windows. Malicious software hijack browsers, adds toolbar, change search engine, changes registry settings and makes internet browsing a hell-like experience with frequent pop-ups, redirection, crash etc. Among all browsers for Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer still rocks the market share since it comes pre-installed in Windows. Mozilla […]

Windows 8 Compatible Firewall Emsisoft Online Armor 6 is Released

After releasing Emsisoft Antimalware 7 recently, they have released today version 6 of their Firewall software Emsisoft Online Armor. Emsisoft Online Armor 6.0 comes with Easier Installation, Optimized performance, Fewer alerts & Windows 8 Support. According to Emsisoft Emsisoft Online Armor is a firewall for demanding users who would like to have full control of […]

Remove Ads Filters Common Advertisement from Websites

I have previously wrote about a few advertisement filtering software namely Ad Fender, GT-Soft Ad Blocker and Anvi Ad Blocker. Today, I will write about Remove Ads from Major Share, which does the same as the other software for Free. Likewise GT-Soft Ad Blocker and Anvi Ad Blocker this software too adds its database to […]

System mechanic 11 Standard Brings Full Power to your PC: Review & Giveaway

Few days ago, I wrote about System Mechanic 11 Free Version. Actually, I was offered to wrote about the paid version some time ago and since the software does have many features, I had split that to two reviews by first writing about the free version. As mentioned there the powerful Free version still lacks […]

Undelete360 can Recover deleted Files and Shred Files & Free space: A Review

Normal delete function in Windows can only delete files metadata but keeps all the information, with which entire file can be recovered by file recovery software. Undelete360 is a Free software that can help you with recovering accidentally deleted files and also assist you to delete your sensitive files with precision to make it unrecoverable […]

Emsisoft Antimalware 7 comes with Bitdefender Engine

Emsisoft, the Austrian anti-malware vendor has recently released v7 of their flag-ship product Emsisoft Antimalware. I have previously wrote a few articles on Emsisoft Anti-malware and Emsisoft Emergency Kit previously and so I won’t again be writing on the same topic. I will just highlight the major changes in the software in the latest version. […]

Panda Cloud Cleaner Scans and Removes Rogue Softwares

Computer malware can cause several types of hard to the computer and its users. It also adepts latest technologies to make itself stealth to avoid detection of anti-malware. The worst variety of malware is rogueware. These were designed to scare computer users with false alerts and asks  them to spend money to purchase their bogus […]

Anvi Ad Blocker is a portable Advertisement Remover

Advertisements are the source of revenue for any web publishers but it could be annoying for the internet users. I have wrote about AdFender and GT-Soft Ad Blocker previously that does the same. Today I will tell you about Anvi Ad Blocker which is a relatively new product in the market. According to the developer, […]

Secure My Screen: An Ideal Alternative to Lock Windows PC

For most of us, personal computer is a place where we live our own world. Here, we do our office work, watch movies, listen to songs, play games etc. So, privacy is an utmost requirement to restrict unwanted interruptions. Microsoft understands this and that’s why there is are options to create multiple user accounts, lock […]

Piriform CCleaner Adds Full support for Windows 8

CCleaner has always been my number 1 choice for cleaning junk files, privacy items & junk registry entries. In fact it is the first software of this kind I used after Windows default utilities. There are a number of positive sides of the application. It is open-source, regularly updated & supported by a large, helpful […]

Kryptelite Encrypts Sensitive Files & Folders with ZIP and BZIP2 Data Compression & Shreds Original

Protecting sensitive data by encrypting it and then shredding the original is a must need set of job every professional needs to do. I have wrote about a few software that can do those jobs separately but only few are present that can do both jobs but none integrated both jobs at one go. Kryptelite […]

Review: System Mechanic 11 Free – An Outstanding System Maintenance Suite

Although an Operating System acts like a Robot and just responds to sensory input, it does have some feature like a live species. It ages out like human or like any other live species with time. There are lots of sources of such aging like fragmentation in disk and registry, lots of junk files, invalid […]