Anvi Ad Blocker is a portable Advertisement Remover

Advertisements are the source of revenue for any web publishers but it could be annoying for the internet users. I have wrote about AdFender and GT-Soft Ad Blocker previously that does the same. Today I will tell you about Anvi Ad Blocker which is a relatively new product in the market. According to the developer,
Anvi Ad Blocker is a free tool that integrates several Ads blocking database, mainly designed to block pop-up ads, flash ads, advertising banners, malicious ads, phishing ads and some other unwanted ads. Besides antivirus program, to protect your PC security, you need a program that protects your PC from annoying advertisements since some malicious ads loads might infect your system with spyware or adware. Anvi Ad Blocker is designed to block all new forms of advertising with frequently database update.

According to their webpage the main features of the software are the following.
Blocks Pop-up Ads, Flash Ads and Banners
Pop-up ads are a form of online advertisements on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic. Nowadays, pop-ups are used maliciously by some advertisers to install spyware, adware, Trojans and other potential threats. Anvi Ad Blocker will help you block these ads efficiently. Some annoying advertising banners that appear inside web-pages might harm your computer, the banner blocker can be easily enabled to block banner ads.
Blocks Malicious, Phishing and Unwanted Ads
Anvi Ad Blocker helps you from phishing ads, which may steal your logins and passwords, and other types of misleading or malicious pop-ups. Spyware or malware comes in many forms of unwanted ads, and Anvi Ad Blocker serves well as a guard to prevent your PC from spyware or unwanted software.
Frequent Database Update
New forms malware comes daily, to prevent them effectively, Anvi Ad Blocker keeps up with the latest threats and integrates them into database for quick block. Before starting up, Anvi Ad Blocker will retrieve the latest database from Anvi Cloud server, and it may take few seconds for blocking emerging ads.
  • The software uses hosts file to block advertisements like GT-Soft Ad Blocker. So, you may get notifications from your security software while blocking ads with this software.
  • Unlike other similar software, it does make a backup of the original hosts file with a name like 090014201250.txt and places it in the same directory as the original hosts file. So, if you want to restore back to original hosts file just change the name of that file to hosts.
  • The software does not need installation. Just execute theexecutable and that’s all.
  • You can block custom websites with this application. Just add their address and the software will add those to the hosts file.
  • System resource usage is minimal for the software.
The software may be downloaded from the following link
The executable [1.24 Mb] is digitally signed by Anvei Technology Co., LTD.
The latest version executable has the following hash.
SHA256: 0edff6963149b32a880dadef5a03699a61615cca86529040d637330c015ccdee
SHA1:     61731c59ab3f9e3c5c19e997476cc76396416904
MD5:     90fcf5bdda2d8a76b60e4a2073bee690
My Verdict
The software indeed is useful. Anvisoft have released a new version with more exciting features. But that is a paid version. Would you like to have a license of the pro version too? If you are interested  I will contact the developer.
Update: Anvisoft currently is not running any giveaways but may be in future…

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    1. Seems a good software, and the resources is quite minimal. Do you test and get the result in browser on how many resources it can use? Let say about 20 open tabs?

      Thank you for the good review 🙂

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