Remove Ads Filters Common Advertisement from Websites

I have previously wrote about a few advertisement filtering software namely Ad Fender, GT-Soft Ad Blocker and Anvi Ad Blocker. Today, I will write about Remove Ads from Major Share, which does the same as the other software for Free. Likewise GT-Soft Ad Blocker and Anvi Ad Blocker this software too adds its database to […]

Anvi Ad Blocker is a portable Advertisement Remover

Advertisements are the source of revenue for any web publishers but it could be annoying for the internet users. I have wrote about AdFender and GT-Soft Ad Blocker previously that does the same. Today I will tell you about Anvi Ad Blocker which is a relatively new product in the market. According to the developer, […]

GT-Soft Ad Blocker Blocks Advertisements using Hosts File

Advertisements are normally the only source of revenue of online publishers. But fortunately you can get rid of such ‘annoyances’ through a number ways. I have already write a post on AdFender that you can use for such purpose. GT-Soft Ad Blocker is a similar software that uses a different approach towards Ad Blocking which […]

AdFender can Filter Online Advertisements

Online advertisements although a useful/main source of gaining revenue to bloggers and companies, might have bad consequences to the end users. Some websites feature excessive advertisements, while some other may contain hidden Malicious I-Frame that leads to drive-by-downloads or other malware infections. So, it is always preferable to use some kind of Ad Blockers to […]