How to get old Windows Defender app back after Windows 10 Creators Update

If windows 10 creators update is installed in your PC, you must have noticed many changes in the looks and features of the Windows. Microsoft is continuing to upgrade the looks of all its apps to the new Fluent Design System and in that process hiding the components which is yet to wear the Fluent […]

Dr.Web 11 offers enhanced protective technologies

Russian security software vendor Dr.Web has made a strong return to global market with the release of version 11 of its applications for Windows on October 20, 2015. Dr.Web 11 involves a major technical overhaul, to extend its arsenal of protective technologies for providing enhanced protection against zero-day exploits and other deceptive techniques that criminals […]

VirIT eXplorer Lite – Free On Demand Scanner with Advanced Tools

VirIT eXplorer Lite is a Free AntiMalware software developed by Italian company TG Soft that can be installed on operating system starting from Windows® 95 up to Windows® 8. This free software offers on-demand malware scanner-remover with automatic updates. It also offers VirIT Lite Monitor with Intrusion Detection technology to detect new threats and new […]

Cezurity Antivirus Scanner – Free On-demand Cloud Antimalware

Cezurity Antivirus Scanner is  the latest project from Online Solutions. It is a Cloud Antimalware on-demand scanner that can scan and detect all kinds of malicious software installed in your PC using Cezurity Cloud Program. The software has a neat interface with essential options well laid in. It offers essential customizations, reports, quick & full […]

Emsisoft Antimalware 8 – Faster & Optimized Signature Updates

Emsisoft Antimalware (EAM), one of the very reputed and powerful antimalware software has upgraded to version 8 with new & improved features and a number of minor and major performance tweaks. Existing users of EAM will receive the version update through the normal update schedule or may download the software from its homepage and can […]

Autorun Angel – Whitelists your startup items, drivers and autorun entries

Malware is the major tool of cyber crime. New mechanisms of spying, hacking and other malicious activities are being introduced everyday in malwares. Antimalware products use several different tools to detection malware or malicious activities.  But still it is not recommendd to rely on a single product. Layered security approach is the most recommended setup […]

Malware is Everywhere – Security Awareness Infographic

Today, most of our life is oriented around computers and internet. We edit documents, watch movies, communicate with friends, purchase accessories through computers and internet. Like individuals, companies totally rely computers and internet for all their jobs and support. But the digital world is not safe. Cyber criminals are engaged 24×7 to hijack your PC, […]

Twister Antivirus 8 is Released: Better GUI, 64 Bit Support

Antivirus industry is a very competitive one. To get success, one needs a good group of experts and connections for providing fast response against zero day malwares. China based Filseclab® Corporation is not a huge company like Norton, Kaspersky. Still they have been around for more than 10 years. They have a great group of […]

Zemana Antilogger Free Version Released: A Quick Review

Keylogging means monitoring keyboard inputs. Keylogger softwares, are legal and are normally used to spy on the PC usage habits of kids, employees etc. As obvious from the nature of the phenomenon, keylogging is mostly of interest for illegal activities. With a keylogger installed in a PC, one can easily know what the passwords and […]

Windows 8 Compatible Firewall Emsisoft Online Armor 6 is Released

After releasing Emsisoft Antimalware 7 recently, they have released today version 6 of their Firewall software Emsisoft Online Armor. Emsisoft Online Armor 6.0 comes with Easier Installation, Optimized performance, Fewer alerts & Windows 8 Support. According to Emsisoft Emsisoft Online Armor is a firewall for demanding users who would like to have full control of […]

Emsisoft Antimalware 7 comes with Bitdefender Engine

Emsisoft, the Austrian anti-malware vendor has recently released v7 of their flag-ship product Emsisoft Antimalware. I have previously wrote a few articles on Emsisoft Anti-malware and Emsisoft Emergency Kit previously and so I won’t again be writing on the same topic. I will just highlight the major changes in the software in the latest version. […]

Panda Cloud Cleaner Scans and Removes Rogue Softwares

Computer malware can cause several types of hard to the computer and its users. It also adepts latest technologies to make itself stealth to avoid detection of anti-malware. The worst variety of malware is rogueware. These were designed to scare computer users with false alerts and asks  them to spend money to purchase their bogus […]

Best Security Infographic: Emsisoft’s Malwarelympics 2012

According to Wikipedia, Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. Computer security is the most important area to be taken care of because of the notorious consequences. Instead, it is the […]