JetBoost Improves your Work and Gaming Experience

Windows uses many different processes and service to improve the experience and to for serving various needs related to its stability, security etc. We also install third party software to customize our choice and needs. Most if not all such software runs some background service all the time for its stability. Of course, with all […]

Anvi Browser Repair Tool Fixes Common Browser Problems

Browser is the most common infection vendor in Microsoft Windows. Malicious software hijack browsers, adds toolbar, change search engine, changes registry settings and makes internet browsing a hell-like experience with frequent pop-ups, redirection, crash etc. Among all browsers for Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer still rocks the market share since it comes pre-installed in Windows. Mozilla […]

System mechanic 11 Standard Brings Full Power to your PC: Review & Giveaway

Few days ago, I wrote about System Mechanic 11 Free Version. Actually, I was offered to wrote about the paid version some time ago and since the software does have many features, I had split that to two reviews by first writing about the free version. As mentioned there the powerful Free version still lacks […]

Registry Life: A Tool for Maintaining Windows Registry – Review

Windows registry is important for its proper functioning. Windows default commands and commands for the installed software is embedded in the registry. So, if registry becomes corrupted, things will start malfunctioning. Ideally a software uninstallation should remove all the registry entries that software creates during installation or during its function. Unfortunately in most cases this […]

SuperEasy Codec Checker Fixes Codec Not Found Error

We buy videos and audios for our entertainment and everything goes into vain when we see errors like ” Codec Not Found ” during its playback. SuperEasy Codec Checker is a gifted freeware that analyzes videos and audio files and informs you about file format, resolution, frame rate, file container, audio- and video bit rate […]

Piriform CCleaner Adds Full support for Windows 8

CCleaner has always been my number 1 choice for cleaning junk files, privacy items & junk registry entries. In fact it is the first software of this kind I used after Windows default utilities. There are a number of positive sides of the application. It is open-source, regularly updated & supported by a large, helpful […]

Review: System Mechanic 11 Free – An Outstanding System Maintenance Suite

Although an Operating System acts like a Robot and just responds to sensory input, it does have some feature like a live species. It ages out like human or like any other live species with time. There are lots of sources of such aging like fragmentation in disk and registry, lots of junk files, invalid […]

Abyssal Recovery Can Copy Corrupted Files from Local or Removable Storage

Have you ever faced ‘CRC [Cyclic redundancy check] Check failed’ error!! If you have already gone through such annoying error, you must have remembered that nightmare and don’t want to repeat that. Experts say, The cyclic redundancy check, or “CRC” error, indicates a bad spot on your hard drive. The fact that you’re seeing it […]

Tweak Windows Settings with Portable Tweakers

Windows has many hidden settings for advanced users. Those can be managed by adding, removing or editing registry entries or by running commands. For less techie users, these can be complicated but if they are willing to use those tweaks without much exposure to technical details, Tweakers from Fahmy Corporation is an excellent choice. the […]

Change Folder and File Attribute with Portable AttributeMagic Free

Few days back I wrote about XChange Attribute that was able to change attributes of a batch of files. Today I will discuss about AttributeMagic Free from Elwinsoft, a portable utility that can change attribute of both files and folders. Additionally it can change the Date and Time of Creation, Modification and Access of those file […]

Quickly Gather Windows Software and Hardware Information with Portable AnalyzSys

Detailed information on Windows software and hardware are very handy for troubleshooting problems. There are a number of tools that provide such details. But in my knowledge no other tools can give the information as fast as AnalyzSys. It is a portable software from Machinescript Inc., the developer of Prohash. According to the developer, This […]

Rectify Internet Connection Problems with Datum Complete Internet Repair or Manually

Internet is the most popular and important way of communicating, learning, earning, buying now-a-days. I myself find restless when something happens to the internet connection. Draw me in the cartoon 😉 Lol !! Anyway, internet connection problem may be broadly due to a problem with your ISP, connected Modem or Router or problem in the […]

Another Command Prompt is a Portable Windows Command Prompt Alternative

Command Prompt is the most valuable resource to computer geeks for managing and customizing operating system. But in well administered PC command prompt is often disabled for security reasons and also in some malware infested PC, command prompt gets disabled by malware for its smooth performance. Another Command Prompt is an Open Source Portable Windows […]

Kill Multiple Processes At Once with Portable MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe

Windows Task Manager is an excellent administrative tool to manually control running Process, Service etc. You will be able to see details of the unknown processes and thereby allows you to detect and kill unwanted processes like malware, riskware etc. But modern malware are smart enough to disable Windows Task Manager rendering your task harder. […]