Get information about Installed .Net Frameworks with .NET Version Detector

Often you may fall in situation when for troubleshooting a problem or other purpose you need to know the installed versions of .Net Frameworks in your PC. Although Windows Uninstall Manager or Windows Update History list all installed Windows Updates including .Net Frameworks, that may not be complete to identify broken or corrupted .Net Framework versions. So, here is a tool named .NET Version Detector from Nick Asseloos of ASoft. The software is very easy to use and delivers everything that it claims.

  • .NET Version Detector is a portable software that comes as an archive [; 349 Kb] containing the standalone executable [dotnet.exe; 673 Kb].
  • Upon executing dotnet.exe, you will be prompted to accept license agreement, instantly after which you will get to see the status of Installed .Net Frameworks in your system.
  • It also gives address to the directories where those frameworks were installed.
  • Currently it supports detection all current .Net Framework versions.

– .NET 1.0
– .NET 1.1
– .NET 2.0
– .NET 3.0
– .NET 3.5
– .NET 4.0
– .NET 4.5

  • You can press copy to copy the information to clipboard.
  • The software even can be run from command line, where with appropriate argument you will be able to create a report file in .txt or .xml format.
Download it from the following link
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