RimhillEx can manage Maximum CD-ROM Speed

Often we keep CD/DVD in drives for later use. But that is bad for the lifetime of both CD/DVD and the drive because by default even unused ROMs rotate at maximum speed when kept in drives. Moreover the rotating sound of the ROM may be annoying to some. So, it’s better not to keep CD/DVD in drives while you are not using it. But, if you are not interested in changing you habits, here is a solution for you. Use RimhillEx from CompSoft. It is a software that can manage the rotating speed of CD/DVD when placed in drives thus significantly reduces sound and increases lifetime of ROMs.

Features & Specifications
  • RimhillEx is a portable software that comes as an archive file (.zip) [194 Kb] containing the standalone executable [432 Kb].
  • The executable is not digitally signed.
  • System Requirement: Windows 98 or above. Both 32 and 64 bit.
  • Upon executing, RimhillEx creates an icon in the taskbar near the clock were you can select the maximum speed of the drive.
Tray Icon with Menu
  • The software allows you to set 4 different speeds of ROMs. Default speed is 0.8.
  • You cannot set the software to auto-start with Windows unless you manually add its shortcut to ‘Startup’ folder.
  • The software is extremely light on resources.
My Verdict
I really liked the concept of the software. But I rather preferred to stop rotating than to decrease the speed. Unfortunately such an option is not available. I would also like to see an option to set this software to autostart with Windows.
Download the software from the following link.

MD5: aa17834f950b7c18152fa8c94751f8d9
SHA1: 7d9a21ef21baf5fa799908bd466c4b6e3fc4270e

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