Files Terminator Free can securely delete files and folders

Normal deletion process in Windows leaves traces of files/folders which can be used to restore the original files with special file recovery software. Few days back I reviewed Pow Tools File Shredder that is able to securely delete files with powerful algorithms that ensure complete cleaning of traces of files/folders. Files Terminator Free from Elefant Software does similar thing but with less customizations but excellent accuracy.
Features & Specifications
  • Small installer (1853 Kb), not digitally signed.
  • Also a portable version is available (1742 Kb).
  • Supported OS: Windows XP to 7, both 32 and 64 bit.
  • Multilingual, supports 13 languages. You can even add translation in your own language.
  • Installation is fast and clean. Desktop and Quick Launch icon creation are disabled by default.
  • GUI is not so good looking but easy to use and navigate.
Main GUI
  • The software uses several shredding methods.
Shredding Methods
  • the software supports drag & drop and you can also browse for files and folders.
  • It can also wipe free space of drives.
  • Since wiping/shredding process much takes time in some methods, there is an option to shutdown PC after finishing the operation.
  • The software is light on resources.
While just the GUI is open
While some task is being performed
  • No offline help is available, Online help is available in Italian language. Some offline help files are downloadable but none are in English.

My Verdict

This software is useful and effective but doesn’t have a dazzling GUI. Personally I look for effectiveness much more than GUI as long as it is understandable. Moreover the software is pretty light on resources and does its job fast. There are not much settings and customizations. This make the software even easier to use. I overall liked the software.
Download the software from their download page. You can also download it from Softpedia.
Installer Version
Portable Version

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