Сhameleon Task Manager Lite is an alternative to Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is an essential tool to manage processes and services. But current day malwares tend to disable task manager for protecting its running process. In such cases an external task manager is necessary. Сhameleon Task Manager Lite from Evgeni Shmakov nicely suits such need.

  • Installer [4294 Kb] is digitally signed by Evgeni Shmakov.
  • Installation is clean and fast. Offers to install the full version with more features which moves to free version after ending trial period. Opens homepage after finishing installation. Creates Desktop icon automatically.
  • Multilingual, supports 17 languages.
  • The GUI is easy to navigate and use.
Main GUI
  • By default it shows a floating menu for quickly managing processes. There is an option to disable it.
Floating Menu
  • Processes can be stopped, quarantined, restarted and optimized for memory usage.
  • It can show a real-time log of processes being started and closed.
  • You can see many other things about running processes that can be managed via Options>Columns.
  • It also shows information about all processes that have been started until Сhameleon Task Manager is running. This feature is great to know about processes that processes that have been closed after doing something.
  • You can also see tasks that is being carried out in open windows.
  • You will be able to see many things regarding processes and your system.
Process Overview
Process Information
System Performance
  • The statusbar shows the current load on system and the processes having maximum loads.
  • It can automatically check for updates every 7 days at minimum.
  • It can replace default task manager.
  • It can check processes via Google, File.net and ProcessLibrary.com.
  • The software has multiple skins/themes.
  • The software has inbuilt bug tracker.

My Verdict

I have found the task manager quite useful. The free version is quite good as an alternative of Windows Task Manager. It is light and better looking. The bug tracker feature is good too. I faced a bug that I reported via this tool. You can request new features via online form.
An option to manage running services and drivers would be useful.
A portable version would be great.
Сhameleon Task Manager Lite can be downloaded from the following direct link.
Cheers !!

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