Encrypt Files with Portable Encryption Apparatus

Encryption is the only way one can protect his files and documents from the access of malicious users. I have wrote a number of posts on software can encrypt files and folders and hide it fro curious eyes. Encryption Apparatus is a new portable freeware that can encrypt any file with ease. According to the developer, […]

Change Folder and File Attribute with Portable AttributeMagic Free

Few days back I wrote about XChange Attribute that was able to change attributes of a batch of files. Today I will discuss about AttributeMagic Free from Elwinsoft, a portable utility that can change attribute of both files and folders. Additionally it can change the Date and Time of Creation, Modification and Access of those file […]

Add or Change File Extensions in Batch using Portable Batch File Extension Renamer

A filename extension is a suffix (separated from the base filename by a dot) to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding (file format) of its contents or usage. A software that is able to open a file recognizes that file with its extension. Often I write FORTRAN programs for my […]

Hash Code Verifier is a Cross-Platform Tool to Check File Hash in Batch

Previously I wrote about some free tools that can check file hash in Windows. Today I will write about Hash Code Verifier, that does the same in batch and in all operating system. According to the developer Hash Code Verifier is a Cross-platform application to verify the Integrity of your download files. Hash Code verifier […]

Quickly Change File Attribute in Batch with XChange Attribute

Do you remember the post where I discussed about unhiding non-system files!! Hiding a file like a system file can be done by altering the file attribute. XChange Attribute is a tiny freeware to quickly change file attributes among Normal, Hidden and Hidden + System. So, this software can also be used to ‘unhide non-system […]

Wise JetSearch Quickly Searches Files and Folders using WildCard

Searching for desired Files and Folders is a cumbersome job when you have a large number of files in your computer. Windows provides a search feature which is useful but takes up high resources and time. Wise JetSearch from ZhiQing Soft is a new software that makes files and directory search easier and fast and […]

Prohash Quickly Calculates File and String Hashes in Multiple Formats

File Hash carries the signature of each file and so to properly identify a particular file it is very useful to know its hash. Now there are a number algorithms to calculate file hash and of course no one is perfect. Previously I wrote about NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool and Compute Hash which does the […]

FileMany is a Portable software to Search and Remove Duplicate Files

Often, I happen to make multiple copes of the same software, music files and PDF files in my hard drive and its a painstaking job to hunt those individually. Duplicate file searching software comes handy in such cases and FileMany from CodePanic software is a similar software. This software is very new in this field […]

File Secure Free is an All-In-One Toolbox to Manage Privacy and Security of Files, Folders and USB Drives

Normally we use different software for backing up important files and folders, encrypting personal files, locking personal USB drive and shredding sensitive files and folders. But with the first release of File Secure Free from Vitarsoft, you will not need separate application for performing the aforementioned tasks since it has all tools inbuilt and still […]

Synchronize Folders On-The-Go with Kronoz Sink-Master

Synchronizing files between two folders is one of the essential-most need of a basic user and as a solution often an user just copies the contents of a folder to another and overwrites any existing ones in the later. This process while is very easy to apply using default windows knowledge may cause problems. Suppose […]

ZipInstaller Can Install Portable Softwares

Windows Software normally comes in two flavors: Installer and Portable. While Installer versions are good for better integration in system as well as better accessibility via Start Menu, Desktop etc., Portable versions are also good because it do not affect system registry or installs hooks and handles and therefore will not influence system performance in […]

NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool – Verify and generate MD5 & SHA hash of files and string

We are living in a digital world. Everyday we create, edit, receive and distribute number of files of various format. In computational terminology a modified file have different cryptographic hash function than its original ancestor, whatever minor the modification may be. Cryptographic hash function therefore is used largely to determine the originality of a file. […]