Synchronize Folders On-The-Go with Kronoz Sink-Master

Synchronizing files between two folders is one of the essential-most need of a basic user and as a solution often an user just copies the contents of a folder to another and overwrites any existing ones in the later. This process while is very easy to apply using default windows knowledge may cause problems. Suppose you have modified files X, Y, Z etc. in Folder 1 and File P, Q, R etc. in Folder 2 and you need to synchronize the modified files, your job will be laborious enough. Kronoz Sink-Master from Van Loo Software is a straightforward portable software to fast synchronize two folders relieving you from any such problems.

Features & Specifications
  • The software comes as a Zip archive [ ; 358 Kb] with the standalone executable [Kronos.exe ; 735 Kb] in it. GUI opens just upon executing the application.
Main GUI
  • The usage of the software is very basic. You just need to specify the paths of ‘Folder 1’ and ‘Folder 2’ and perform either one-way or both-way synchronization. it is described clearly in the quick help.
Quick help
  • Synchronization occurs fast and GUI lists the files and folders that have been synchronized
Synchronization complete
  • You can take a printout of the log that is being listed in the GUI.
  • By default the software forgets the path of the folders as soon as you close the GUI. If you want it to remember the path, set it in settings and the software will make a settings file [Settings.ini] in the same folder as the executable and as such it will remember the folder path forever.
  • The software uses minimal resources at idle time and during synchronization too uses little resources.
At Idle Time
During Synchronization
  • The software runs well on all Windows version, both 32 and 64 bit.

My Verdict

This software must be a life-saver for many basic users who just want a quick enough way to synchronize files without installing additional software and digging into complicated setup.
Three things I missed in this software.
  1. A stop button during synchronization.
  2. Copy the log of the synchronization event to clipboard.
  3. Clear the synchronization log.

Update: The latest version, includes all the feed back posted here.


Download the software from the following link

MD5     :6E33B6E92380A53F275605E74175D700
SHA1    :9BE0094A3DC0D29BB5E0F32489E8105D9346C326
CRC32   :06ADFB4B

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