FileMany is a Portable software to Search and Remove Duplicate Files

Often, I happen to make multiple copes of the same software, music files and PDF files in my hard drive and its a painstaking job to hunt those individually. Duplicate file searching software comes handy in such cases and FileMany from CodePanic software is a similar software. This software is very new in this field but is as efficient as others if not more. I tested this software in both windows XP Professional 32 bit and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and found it working equally well. The most interesting part is that it is Free and Portable.

Features & Specifications
  • FileMany can be downloaded as a Zip archive [ ; 1.5 Mb].
  • In the extracted files you need to execute FileMany.exe for launching the application.
  • On its first launch it will ask for the language to use. It supports only two languages Japanese and English. Language can be changed later from the GUI.
  • The software is fully portable.
  • It can run on all Windows version both 32 and 64 bit but requires .Net Framework 2.0 for its proper function.
  • GUI isn’t good looking. Still its easy to navigate.
  • You need to select the local, external or network drive or folder from the left panel or paste the folder path in the Address Bar and click on the Search button in the ToolBar to search for duplicates.
  • By default it does the search by three steps
  1. Searching for Folders and Files.
  2. Comparing Sizes
  3. Comparing Hashes
  • The third step while accurate takes time to complete. It uses MD5 Hash by default but can also use SHA1 and SHA256 Hash to search. But searching speed with decrease in the order MD5>SHA1>SHA256.
  • It also offers other search methods. Additionally you can check for binary information or can skip the MD5 check and do the binary check only. You can also stop by checking only file-name similarity or file size similarity.
  • Additonally to make the result more accurate you can set it to ignore JPEG header information and let it to match file names exactly with case sensitivity.
  • It allows you to ignore some kind of file and allows you to set file size limit and set target file name and extension.
Search Options
  • During scanning you have options to pause or stop the scan. You can also specify the actions to take at scan end. Normally at scan end it show the number of duplicate files and the time taken with the information to remove duplicates.
Action to take at Search end
  • It logs everything and finally lists the details of the duplicate and original files. Although it arbitrarily designates some files as duplicate and the rest as original, you are free to clear all entries by clicking on Clear button in the toolbar and again select those by clicking on the Auto button.
Search Results
  • In the status bar you will be shown the number of duplicate files and the space wasted for that.
  • Clicking on any entry opens up its path as tree folder in the left panel.
  • You will also be able to see the duplicate folders by clicking on the DupFolder button in the ToolBar.
Duplicate Folders
  • You will be able to preview duplicate images in the left panel.
  • You can delete the selected files. Deletion can be of the following types.
  1. Deletion to Recycle Bin.
  2. Normal Delete
  3. Unrecoverable delete by using simple one pass or simple two pass method.
  4. Move to specified folder (auto rename in case of file-name match)
  • You can specify it to delete empty folder files with certain names like Thumbs.db, Desktop.ini or anything using wildcard.
  • A search result can be saved as .fmo file.
  • It uses low resources at idle time and during duplicate file search it uses moderately low resource usage.
Resource Usage at Idle Time
Resource Usage during Duplicate File Search
My Verdict

This software is extremely powerful that even similar to many paid alternatives. The GUI is not good looking but in effectiveness it has covered that shortcomings. The scan results gave everything I wanted to know about my system. I would recommend this software. I just wish it to have a better interface and update check feature.


The software can be downloaded from the following link.

MD5     :11E1A4B8C51E093DEF8E816AC01E8A71
SHA1    :9E54F504C75450DBE1B432419E8B006391DDC05E
CRC32   :F4659D32

Have Fun !!

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