NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool – Verify and generate MD5 & SHA hash of files and string

We are living in a digital world. Everyday we create, edit, receive and distribute number of files of various format. In computational terminology a modified file have different cryptographic hash function than its original ancestor, whatever minor the modification may be. Cryptographic hash function therefore is used largely to determine the originality of a file. Some common forms of cryptographic hash functions are MD4, MD5 and SHA, CRC32. SHA has some different versions like SHA0, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 are commonly used.
MD5 Checksum Tool from NoVirusThanks™ Company Srl is a useful tool in its category.

  • MD5 Checksum Tool can calculate the MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 of any file.
  • Unique feature of MD5 Checksum tool is that it can convert a String to its corresponding MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 values.
  • It is able to compare two files based on their cryptographic hash function. Also it can compare a file with a MD5 hash.
  • It can batch scan files in a directory (and even sub-directory) to get information about its filename, size, and cryptographic hash function i whatever form you may like. You may select to scan only valid portable executable (PE) files and skip files of 0 bytes.
  • The software is available in English and Italian languages. You can add the application to Windows “Send To” menu for easy launching from a file of interest.
  • It supports drag and drop.
  • The software interface is very easy to use and understand.
NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool version is compatible with all windows version both 32 and 64 bit. It is available both as in installable and portable version.
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I hope you will like this tool!

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  1. Thanks for your recommendation of the download of the software.Your introduction on this software is in great detail,it seems to be a powerful software.Some features inside it appeal to me very much, I want to have a try.

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