Hash Code Verifier is a Cross-Platform Tool to Check File Hash in Batch

Previously I wrote about some free tools that can check file hash in Windows. Today I will write about Hash Code Verifier, that does the same in batch and in all operating system. According to the developer
Hash Code Verifier is a Cross-platform application to verify the Integrity of your download files. Hash Code verifier can be very useful if you want to check if a downloaded file is original and not corrupted or modified by hackers. In order prevent users from such problem, websites often publish MD5 or SHA hash of the file so that users can ensue that a file has not been modified by checking the file’s hash value . Hash Code verifier can generate hash for a file and allow user to check with the provided hash value.
Features & Specifications
  • Small Installer [HashCodeVerifier.jar, 607 Kb].
  • The software runs on Java and hence can be used on any operating system that supports Java. Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher version is required to run the software.
  • The interface will open upon executing the downloaded Executable Jar file. No installation is required.
  • The software supports drag and drop.
  • It can calculate file hashes using MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 AND CRC-32 algorithm.
  • The software can calculate file hashes in batch. The results can be exported as Text or HTML. The hash calculation process is fast.

  • It can also calculate a single file hash and compare it with a known file hash.

  • It also allows to compare two files by checking their hashes.

  • The software uses little resources at idle time and moderate while calculating file hash.
System Resource Usage at Idle time
System Resource Usage during Hash Check

My Verdict
I liked the software because it can calculate file hash fast, in batch, in all operating system and finally because it is portable. It would be great if there is an option to check file hash from Context Menu or Send To menu. An option to manually check for new version would also be nice.
Download the software from the following link

MD5: 99C5CF40D16091DEDAB0A618C074917A
SHA-1: 92C1B161F2F7D98E3E4779CF64DB669A9A345C18
CRC-32: 1384767594

Cheers !!

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