ESET Rogue Applications Remover Detects Active Rogues

If you are regular to my site, you must have read about Remove Fake Antivirus and McAfee Stringer which are specialized tools to remove rogue anti-spyware, registry cleaners etc. ESET Rogue Applications Remover (ERAR) is the newest entry in the list of such specialized tools. According to ESET, it is … intended for detecting and […]

McAfee GetSusp is a Portable Cloud Scanner to Detect Unknown Malware

Few days back I wrote about Rising Unknown Virus Detector, that claims to detect unknown malware based on its offline heuristic engine. But that tool is quite backdated and may not catch current complex malware. Today I will write about McAfee GetSusp which is an updated free tool to serve the same purpose, detect new […]

EXEWatch Can Log and Alert Appearance of New Executable File

Just few days back I wrote about NoVirusThanks EXE Radar that can alert and ask the user to allow or block execution of any executable that tries to run. Today I will write about another useful application called ExeWatch that alerts the user on every appearance executable file on local or external hard drives. So, […]

Emsisoft AntiMalware 6.5 Released: Review and Giveaway

Few days ago I wrote a post about Emsisoft MalAware. Austrian company Emsisoft has released a new version of its flagship product Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM) on 26th April, 2012. The new version adds some improvements and some new features over an already complete anti-malware product. Emsisoft Anti-Malware uses Ikarus and Emsisoft dual engine for detecting […]

McAfee Rootkit Remover detects and removes complex rootkits

Those who are conscious about PC security must be aware of Rootkit. At present rootkit is the most notorious kind of malicious program that designed to hide the existence of malicious processes or programs from normal methods of malware detection by security software. So, at present almost all reputed anti malware software come with rootkit […]

Rising Unknown Virus Detector Identifies New Malware

A computer virus is the most common disease to any Windows computer. Thousands of new malwares are being developed everyday for various malicious purpose. Traditional Antivirus softwares can detect malwares once their analysts are able to collect & check those files and update the signature database. So, there is a significant gap between the development […]

COMODO Rescue Disk can Clean Stubborn Malware Infections

Is your computer crushed due to malware infection? You can’t even boot your computer? Don’t worry, you may not need any computer technician at the moment. There are plenty of available Free Rescue Disks that can help you in such situations. COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) is the newest addition among those. COMODO, an well known […]

Clean Active Malware Infections with F-Secure Easy Clean Cloud Scanner

Malware infection is very common in Windows PC. I have written about a number of tools till date that can prevent or cleanup malware infections. Today I will write about another very interesting tool called F-Secure Easy Clean. F-Secure is a major vendor in Antivirus Industry known for its excellent malware detection and prevention techniques. […]

Check and Clean Active Malware Infections with Emsisoft MalAware or Ashampoo Virus Quickscan

If you haven’t read already I have written about Microsoft Safety Scanner, Normal Malware Cleaner and McAfee Stringer that are able to scan complete system for all or specific type of malwares. So, these scans are lengthy and more importantly those scanners usually have large size. So, today I will write about two tools Emsisoft […]

Norman Malware Cleaner – Another tool to check and clean PC for malware

Few days ago I wrote about Microsoft Safety Scanner which can be used alongside you existing antimalware to occasionally check and clean PC for malware. Norman Malware Cleaner is another tool of the same category from Norwegian antimalware vendor Norman ASA. Norman is one of the vendor that develops its own engine for detecting and […]

Clean your system from malware with Microsoft Safety Scanner

Cyber crime today is a profitable business and as such thousands of new and complex malwares are emerging every day. So, whatever accurate be the technology of a particular antimalware it can’t assure to give 100% protection to their users. It is, therefore, always advisable to check your system occasionally with a secondary scanner. Microsoft […]

MCShield 2: Shields PC from USB infections

USB Drives, External Hard Drives, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones are one of the popular most infection vendor now-a-days. Infections may be through Autorun Exploit, Script Exploit, Link Exploit, Payloads etc. Seeing the present situations a number of software have emerged that claims to give protection from USB drives but most of these softwares are pretty […]

Get information about unknown files from

Often we encounter executable file which could be useful but have no relevant description attached with it. Although it is always recommended not to use unknown executable files, I will discuss with you about a service that you may use as an alternative. Most of you must be aware of Emsisoft. They are the developer […]