Rising Unknown Virus Detector Identifies New Malware

A computer virus is the most common disease to any Windows computer. Thousands of new malwares are being developed everyday for various malicious purpose. Traditional Antivirus softwares can detect malwares once their analysts are able to collect & check those files and update the signature database. So, there is a significant gap between the development of the new malwares and protection database. So, now-a-days antivirus softwares have integrated additional technologies called generic detection and heuristic detection for detecting fresh malwares. For explanation on these terms see here and here. While such advanced detections help the identification of new malwares, its worth mentioning that these may increase the amount of false detection on few innocent software. Whatever an optimized generic detection and heuristic detection is instrumental in the real world performance of an antivirus software.
Beijing Rising International Software Co.,Ltd. of China is one of the largest Antivirus vendor in Asia and they are famous for their good detection against new malware samples. They have developed a small tool known as Rising Unknown Virus Detector for detection of new malwares.
  • The software is only 244 Kb in size. It has no digital signature.
  • It is portable, means you can carry it anywhere in your Thumb Drive.
  • It selects Quick Scan by default that runs for a very short time.
Quick Scan
  • It is also possible to scan in deep that requires some time to complete.
Deep Scan
  • You will be able to see the path of the files being scanned.
  • It consumes moderate system resources while scanning.
  • After finishing virus scan if any suspicious file is found, the software will display the information in Rising Unknown Virus Detector window, such as the suspicious file name, file path, suspicious virus name, and possibility of its being malicious etc.
  • By default the software creates log of scan result and the computer user’s local directory information as Rsinfo.htm in the same directory where the installer is present.
  • If you choose not to create log, you should clear the checked box called “Create Log” before scaning. After scanning on suspicious file detection, click “Extract” button and you will see a popup window alerting you to extract the scan result and send the same to Rising Technology Co. Ltd appointed website.
  • Please remember that a detection does not always mean that the file is infected. You should use Virus Total for checking its detection with 40+ antivirus softwares. You are also suggested to upload the suspicious file and Rsinfo.htm file to Rising for analysis.
My Verdict

I have currently no infected test machine. So, I was not able to see the detection ability of the software. See Rising knowledge base for demonstration about its detection. The software has not been updated recently (last updated 2nd June, 2008) but since heuristic detection does not dependent on signature database it should be useful till now. But I don’t think it will detect new varient of malwares like Stuxnet, Zeus etc.


Download the latest version of this tool from the following its product page or from Softpedia.

CRC-32: 10c01796
MD4: d5e1c23d5089528ff19a70f689d6c1e5
MD5: d4920d34c72ee9a98fc87cb95eef98d7
SHA-1: 81502b5625424fe258994e357b8962400335914d

Give it a try some times !!

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