PixBuilder Studio: A Powerful Free Photo Editor

Although I know very little in Photo Editing and its terminology, I love testing such apps. Few days ago I wrote about Splashup & Splashup Light. That online service and software although a bit backdated, are still useful. Today I will share with you a very interesting Free Photo Editor PixBuilder Studio. I came to know about this software from CNET where it has been highly rated. This software is developed by WnSoft, a Russian Company. According to the developer,

It is a free program for image editing that features many advanced-level functions. Though PixBuilder Studio is absolutely free of charge, it is also free from annoying ads, non-removable search bars and other unwelcome features typical for freeware.


Installation and Basic Features

  • Small installer (3097 Kb), digitally signed by WnSoft Ltd.
  • Clean & Fast installation. Offers to create portable version during installation. Offers to install WnSoft’s paid software PicturesToExe. Creates desktop icon automatically. Opens webpage at the end of installation.
Desktop Icon
  • Nice and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Automatically checks for updates.
  • The software is multilingual. It supports 16 languages.
  • You will be able to customize and manage the keyboard shortcuts for better controlling the software with your keyboard.
  • It supports opening of a number of image formats.
for reading : BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TGA, PSD, ICO

for writing : BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TGA, ICO

  • You will be able to specify how much memory it should consume during the editing process.
Memory Management
  • It saves a list of recent files. This list can also be cleared.
  • Not only editing, you can also create and draw new Image or Icon.
Creating New Image
Create New Icon
  • It can save edited or created files with a preview by comparing with the original file.
  • It can save files with the adjustment of some properties.
Options during Saving
  • It offers a number of viewing options.

    Various Editing Tools

    • Basic editing tools like Resizing Image and its Canvas, Rotating, Cropping are easy to do.
    Resize Image
    Rotating the Image
    • An image can consist of several overlapping layers. The empty parts of a layer are transparent which makes the underlying layers visible. Each layer can have its own size and can be shifted with respect to the other layers. The Layers Panel is needed for managing the layers. It shows the list of names of layers ordered by their location from top to bottom. The layer in bold is the one currently selected for editing. You can set the name of a layer and its transparency
      Layers Panel
      • Every layer has an optional “Drop Shadow”. When it is turned on, the layer casts a shadow on the underlying layers.
      Adjust Drop Shadow
      • You can adjust Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, Fill, Color Temperature, Red/Green/Blue Levels, Color Range etc. You may also choose Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Grayscale, Invert settings for giving instant color effects. Good thing is that it features an “preview” option that helps previewing in real-time.
      Adjusting Color Balance
      Adjusting Levels
      Adjusting Curves
      Adjusting Color Range
      • It provides few effects Like Dithering, Quick Blur, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Quick Sharp, Sharpness, Embross, Unsharp Mask etc.
      Dithering or Adjusting Palettes
      Adjusting Motion Blur
      • It has a number of Tools for Drawing and Selecting.
      Tools Submenu
      Part of Select Submenu
      • When you select a part of an image, the remaining area is “masked” or protected from editing. By creating a mask, you isolate an area of an image and protect it from applying color changes, filters, or other effects. To enter the Mask mode, press the button in the lower left corner of the Channels Panel. In this mode, the current selection transforms to a new layer (a mask) in which you can apply the tools in the same way you would apply them on a regular layer. Instead of the Channels Panel, the Mask Panel will appear.
      Channels Panel
      Channel Panel
      • The software has a well documented help file.
      Well Documented Help File
      My Verdict
      This software is awesome and I currently have nothing against it. But they should mention the system requirements on their website. I was able to run it on Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). It uses around 10 Mb of RAM and no CPU for all kind of photo editing.
      I have made a video demonstration on this software. I know it is not perfect but at least gives you a hint about the versatility and ease of using the software.

      Download the latest version from their homepage
      or, use the direct link

      At the time of writing latest version is 2.2 updated on 17th Feb, 2012.

      You can get free support from their forum.

      I am sure you will like this software.. !!

        5 thoughts on “PixBuilder Studio: A Powerful Free Photo Editor

        1. Looks very good – wish I had more time to try this kind of soft – but it's great that you are trying and reporting!
          Can use 8bf (Photoshop) plugins. I'm no expert but I think there's lots of those available. While researching 8bf, I came across this editor “Chasys Draw IES” (http://www.jpchacha.com/chasysdraw/) – in case you want to review yet another ๐Ÿ™‚ and there's a couple more on this dc thread (http://www.donationcoder.com/forum/index.php?topic=30874.0)

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