Norman Malware Cleaner – Another tool to check and clean PC for malware

Few days ago I wrote about Microsoft Safety Scanner which can be used alongside you existing antimalware to occasionally check and clean PC for malware. Norman Malware Cleaner is another tool of the same category from Norwegian antimalware vendor Norman ASA. Norman is one of the vendor that develops its own engine for detecting and cleaning malware infection.

  • Norman Malware Cleaner uses complete malware database of Norman. So, if you are running Norman Antivirus or Security Suite you will not need this software.
  • It is a complete portable tool like Microsoft Safety scanner. Just download and run it.
  • As it is fully portable it can’t update its definitions. Although you can keep the tool indefinitely unlike Microsoft Safety Scanner if you want to scan with the latest definitions you will need to download the software again. Norman updates it daily with latest definitions.
  • The download size of this software is about 170 Mb which is quite large compared to Microsoft Safety Scanner (~ 70 Mb). But this should not be a problem considering it shouldn’t be required quite often.
  • Although Norman Antimalware tools are all shareware, their malware cleaner is completely free to download, check and clean malwares.
  • Norman Malware Cleaner supports four type of scanning: Quick, Normal, Full and Custom.
  • There are a number of options to customize your scanning type: to enable Quarantine, Archive Unpacking, Memory Scanning, FakeAV scanning, Rootkit Cleaning, Sandbox, Detection of PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), Norman Protection Community, Multithreading and Cleaning of detected malware. Rootkit Cleaning and Sandbox is disabled by default but can be enabled for better performance.
  • I would anyway suggest creating a system restore point before running and cleaning infections with Norman Malware Cleaner in case there are some false detections although unlike Microsoft Safety Scanner Norman Malware Cleaner cleans and backs up malware in a quarantine directory.

If you don’t know how to create system restore point manually read the instructions: XP, Vista & Windows 7.

  •  Scanning with Norman Malware Cleaner is moderately fast, much faster than Microsoft Safety Scanner. It moves any detected malware to quarantine.
  • Norman Malware Cleaner consumes moderate system resources while scanning.

My Verdict
As tested by antimalware testing labs AV Test, AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin, Norman is found to have moderately good detections against unknown malwares and good detections against old malwares. Since it uses a quarantine for backing up cleaned malware it can be used without much problems. I would suggest you to check your system at least once because no antimalware can detect all malware and who knows may be Norman Malware Cleaner can solve your malware problems.
The only problem I think is that the size of the software is quite huge and will be problematic for users with low or limited bandwidth. Since Microsoft Safety Scanner with similar performance have much smaller size, Norman should compress their software more if they want more reach.
There are no separate 32 bit and 64 bit version of Norman Safety Scanner. The software is downloadable from the following page after selecting your country and entering email address. If you are not interested in giving away your mail address and exposing your identity, you can use any fake email address [like a@a.a] and country. You may also download the software from the following direct link.

I am sure you will find this software useful some day!!

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