Manage your notes quickly with Flashnote

Have you ever felt the necessity for writing down something quickly?

Normally we need to open a notepad either by creating one in a folder (right click > New > Text Document) or by just opening it from Start Menu / Desktop / Quick Launch / Hot Key and later saving it. But both this processes needs additional time for saving.

Also have you felt the need for removing formatting of a copied text for pasting it in a word processor?

Notepad is again in rescue there.

But if you want to cut off the additional time of saving and renaming those text document I have a suggestion for you. Use Flashnote instead. I am using it for some time and is highly pleased.


  • Flash Note is Multilingual. It supports 12 languages.
  • The application is set to start automatically with windows. It remains in the tray.
  • Flashnote minimizes / closes to tray. Esc key is good for hiding it. It can be set to show on top of all windows.
  • It updates automatically per month. There is no options for changing connection settings. So it won’t check for updates under proxy with authentication.
  • Easily launching the application by Alt + S. You can of course assign a new one of your convenience but make sure that it doesn’t coincides with existing ones.
  • If you want to quit the application right click on tray and select “Exit” or use the Hot Key Alt + X. It will ask for confirmation by default.
  • If you want to create a new note if saves the new note as “New Note *Date* *Time*”. Date and Time format will be the same as you PC’s format. You will of course be able to rename the auto-renamed notes. You may even choose to keep that note at the top.
  •  By default a new note gets filled with clipboard content.
  • New Note and New Child Note (Sub-Note) can be opened using the Hot Key, Ctrl + N and Ctrl + Shift + N respectively. Notes can be renamed using F2 key. of course for all this to be done the UI remains opened and selected.
  • You can set Flashnote to ignore hot key pressing in some applications like Games, Media Player etc.
  • The word processor in Flashnote is very basic. It is probably based on notepad. So, it helps removing text formatting automatically like Notepad.
  • You will be able to change font, font color, background color. You will also be able to add word wrap.
  • If you don’t want to create a new note but still want to make it distinguishable use New Line or DateTime or New Line with Date & Time.
  •  For a selected portion of the typed text you can view ” length of the selected text” (Number of Characters).
  • Like in notepad you can use Find, Global Find, Replace tools in Flashnote.
  • You will be able to delete a note. Confirmation window will be showed.
  • You can save particular notes as text file.
  • You will be able to print a note, see print preview and adjust page setup in Flashnote.
  • Notes can be sorted.
  • Flashnote automatically saves/backups typed text as database. Backup is done once in a day by default. You will be able to increase number of dates later.
  • You are allowed the synchronize the database in custom locations. This option is disabled by default.
  • You will also be able to export database.
  • You can set some advanced options like the following in Flashnote.
  •  Flashnote uses minimal resources.
At Idle Time
While Creating a Note and writing on it

System Requirements
Flashnote supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7  32 and 64 bit.
It is also compatible with Linux. Ubuntu, Debian, maybe other.

Windows Version (2.2 Mb)
Windows Portable Version (3.0 Mb)

  1. Extract to any folder where you want to store it.
  2. Use flashnote-portable.exe in order to launch portable notes manager.

Linux Version (4.5 Mb)

Flashnote is awesome. You will surely love it !!

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