Inpaint, Denoise, Resize and Sharpen Photos with Photoupz – Review & Giveaway

Few days back I wrote about WebInpaint which is an online service to inpaint i.e. to remove unnecessary objects from a photo. In that post I also introduced you with Inpaint, the desktop version of WebInpaint. Today I will review another software which is able to Inpaint, Denoise, Resize and Sharpen Photos. It is Photoupz. I came to know about this software since its entry in Giveawayoftheday, where it got a positive response. I am still using that version and it really works well.


  • Installation of the software is easy, fast and clean. It installs a desktop icon by default. After installation it opens Photoupz installation folder by default.
  • After launching the software for the first time it opens up a quick tutorial. This tutorial keeps on coming each launch of Photoupz unless “Don’t show this quick tutorial on next startup” checkbox is clicked.
  • Interface of Photoupz is easy use and navigate.
  • You can load photo into the software either by browsing for it or by “Drag and Drop”.
  •  The software has easy to understand icons to open, save, undo, redo, rotate, zoom, resize, denoise, sharpen, brighten pictures.
  • The PDF help file of the software is updated and is well documented. Nevertheless the software is very easy to use and the basics to use the software can be easily learned from the quick tutorial.
  • Inpainting feature of Photoupz can do the following :

Remove logos, text or date from images
Remove watermarks from photos
Get rid of image objects, pedestrians, tourist

Erase skin blemishes and wrinkles

  • The process of inpainting is done with Inpaint Marker icon and Inpaint Guiding Line Icon. The process is well written in the help file.
One tip for the guiding lines – for best results its good to place their start further from the marked area (if possible). The information along the line is propagated from the known area to the unknown area.
  • The picture can be resized easily with the option to maintain aspect ratio.
    •  Denoising feature of Photoupz can do the following :

    Reduce image noise
    Polish skin on your facial photos
    Remove JPEG artifacts
    Improve low quality CCTV camera images

    • Photoupz can sharpen for the following goals :

    Sharpen edges in your pictures
    Increase focus in blurry images
    Improve contour details in your photos

    • Adjusting brightness with Photoupz is an easy task :

    Increase brightness in dark photos
    Correct lighting in under- or over-exposed photos

    • Processing in Photoupz is fast enough at the expense of moderate resources :
    • Photoupz website is also well documented. You can find adequate tutorials there. Their video tutorial is also very interesting.
    courtesy: Photoupz
    • I have made a demonstration of Photoupz.

     System Requirements

    1. Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit). At present it do not support Linux or Mac.
    2. PC with a 1Ghz CPU, 1Gb RAM
    .Net Framework 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 (Setup will autodetect and open link to install .Net Framework if it is not present)


    Photoupz is a shareware but it comes with a trial. You can download the trial version from the following link
    Extract the installer from the zip file to install it. In the trial version saving is disabled & there’s a watermark.

    Photoupz comes with two types of licensing.

    Personal license – $19.90
    For home and non-commercial use.

    Business license – $29.90
    For commercial use. Agencies, businesses, design studios and professionals using the software for commercial purposes.

    Buying this software will entitle you to use the software lifetime but with free updates only within the minor version. For example: Version 1.0 license will entitle you for all 1.x updates for free.
    The registration details can be entered by opening the About box of Photoupz and clicking on the text “Enter License Key”.

    The personal license is for 1 PC. It can be used in offline PC. You will be able to move the license  from one PC to another after uninstalling the previous one. You will be able to activate the license after formatting your computer.

    My verdict

    I really have liked the software. But it surely have similar limitations as webinpaint which I cannot blame. It cannot be human of course.

    …..removes unwanted objects and replaces that space with colors matching with its immediate surroundings. So, don’t try to remove any object that is in direct contact with you. If you are not satisfied with its removal first time, you may try the same multiple times.

     Few things I would like to see in Photoupz:

    1. A fully featured trial version active for limited time or for limited number of usage.
    2. Additional licensing with lifetime upgrades.
    3. A Portable version.
    4. Auto-update check or atleast manual update checking.
    5. A Linux and Mac version if possible.


    Tomas from Photoupz agreed to arrange five giveaway licenses for our blog readers. To enter into the contest you have to do the following :
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    The giveaway will run until 1st April, 12:00 GMT.

    Best of luck and have a nice day!

    Giveaway ended !!

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