Clean Active Malware Infections with F-Secure Easy Clean Cloud Scanner

Malware infection is very common in Windows PC. I have written about a number of tools till date that can prevent or cleanup malware infections. Today I will write about another very interesting tool called F-Secure Easy Clean. F-Secure is a major vendor in Antivirus Industry known for its excellent malware detection and prevention techniques. F-Secure uses several engines. Hydra, Gemini, Blacklight and Deepguard are F-Secure’s own engines. Aquarius is based on Bitdefenders engine + some modifications. F-Secure Easy Clean is an efficient portable tool from F-Secure Corporation that can detect & clean most common viruses, worms, rootkits and other types of malware in the wild. It used to come as a large portable software like Microsoft Safety Scanner or Norman Malware Cleaner that you needed to download every time for scanning with latest malware definitions. But recently [5 April 2012] a new version with a small installer size has been released with cloud-based detection database and network reputation lookup capability, which requires a Live Internet Connection while the product is in use. So, now you can use it anytime and it will remain always updated. It is now more like Emsisoft MalAware.


  • Small executable [4 Mb], digitally signed by F-Secure Corporation.
  • It is multilingual : 27 languages are supported. But if you have set the default language to other than English, upon the next reboot, the language may return back to default English language again.
  • No installation, just agree with the terms and you will be given option to run scan.
  • There are no options for running a scan. It runs only an express type of scan that is able to detect active malware. The scan window is not resizable.
  • It needs reboot to continue scanning of rootkits.
  • For malware removal also reboot is required.
  • Usually, the scanning and cleaning takes a few minutes, but it depends on your computer and the number of programs and files you have on it.
  • The tool scans your computer for infections and removes any that it finds. The scan result displays malware that was detected and action that was performed on it. So, make a system restore point before running a scan in case a false positive detection occurs.
  • No option to stop scan. even if you close the window the processes continue to run. You have to close them manually using task manager.
  • It runs three processes with the consumption of no CPU and 50 to 100 Mb of RAM.
  • It requires administrative rights to use. When Easy Clean prompts for a reboot, make sure you subsequently log-in with the same Administrator account.
  • System Requirements

 Minimum hardware requirements:

Live Internet connection
Processor: Capable of running Windows XP
Memory: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Supported operating systems:

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

  • F-Secure Easy Clean requires a live Internet connection in order to contact ‘cloud-based’ servers for the latest information about known threats. But there is no option to set connection settings. So, you won’t be able to scan under proxy with authentication.
  • Since it is made to detect active threats, it may not find all installed malicious application files on your computer when it is run from Windows safe mode. If you must use safe mode to run Easy Clean, select “safe mode with networking” during the system boot process.
  • To uninstall F-Secure Easy Clean, delete the installation package.

Beta Version
There is also a beta version of the same product that uses per-production databases and components that users may elect to try before their official release. But keep that for testing purpose only since it may include bugs.
Download the stable version

CRC-32: d24b9edb
MD4: 15288f1296c2debbf2a3069c2ceea628
MD5: 522d90cde679b7339c7851edf3d5fe2b
SHA-1: 91ae0481dc695029f0a0773d43ba36248002873a

Download the beta version

CRC-32: 71590c30
MD4: d9b896a2b2930ab1e42d95e197e43775
MD5: c7865097472e669057742e677c8f8c6b
SHA-1: 28e7e739e9f45ab62a84af0082e178b204cf4226

See the product homepage of Easy Clean for more information about it. There is also a FAQ on the software that you might like to view.

Hope you will find this software useful !!

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