Add Security, Change Layout, Delete Pages in a PDF and Bind PDF files with PDFMate Free PDF Merger

In my previous post, while mentioning about PDFMate Free PDF Converter, I noticed that Anvsoft has released a new PDF Software for managing PDF documents called PDFMate Free PDF Merger. Please don’t go by the name of the software. It’s not a simple PDF Joiner, rather can delete specific page or range of pages from […]

Convert Pdf to Microsoft Office Document with

While PDF is probably the most commonly used document format for carrying, reading and distributing, still Microsoft Office documents, like Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint hold major importance for ease of editing. So, it is very much desirable to have a tool to inter convert Microsoft Office Documents and PDF. If you haven’t read […]

Boxoft Free OCR Extracts Text from Scanned Images in Batch

Often we encounter images containing some valuable information. Since image don’t allow copying the text in it, we need to write it all. But there is an alternative automated approach called Optical character recognition (OCR) with which texts in such images can be extracted and can be saved in a text. Boxoft Free OCR can […]

Interconvert between Document Formats with Doxillion Document Converter

Everyday we use documents of different formats like PDF, Microsoft Office Document, HTML RTF, TXT etc to distribute information. Not all document formats are suitable for all purpose and so it is always better to have a tool to automate the process of converting one type of document to other type. Doxillion Document Converter from […]

Sonic PDF Creator can Create and Manage PDFs: Review and Free Offers

PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the most important document format now-a-days. I have wrote some articles already on the management of PDF files. Sonic PDF Creator from Investintech is a versatile software to Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value […]

Desktop Plagiarism Checker Checks the Uniqueness of your Write Up

We, the humans learn to speak by imitating the expressions of our parents. We learn to think and decide by seeing our parents and teachers or idols. Imitation is thus a human nature. But since 18th Century, Close Imitation or Plagiarism is considered as a dishonesty in some genre, “prominently in the sectors of academia […]

Anvsoft PDFMate Free PDF Converter: The most complete free PDF converter yet

Since I handle hundreds of PDF file everyday for blogging and study, I like to test softwares related to PDF like PDF Editors, Converters and Readers. Today while browsing Anvsoft’s site I found that they have recently released a free PDF converter PDFMate for Windows. Anvsoft have also launched a new webpage for the product.