View multiple file formats with STDU Viewer

Everyday we deal with different types of files and use different softwares for viewing those files. Won’t it be a good idea if we can view many such files using a single software? STDU Viewer from Scientific and Technical documentation utility (STDU) was developed with this interest.

  • STDU Viewer can support a number of file types.
  • STDU Viewer has following basic viewing features like: search, quick search, print, rotate document clockwise or anti-clockwise, zoom in and zoom out, fit page, fit width, fit height tools, hand tool, select text tool, select image tool, zoom by selected rectangle etc. It lacks many advanced features like highlight text tool, cross-out text tool, underline text tool, sticky notes tool etc that are present in popular PDF readers. This is quite understandable keeping in mind that it is not only document viewer, its can help viewing other types of files too and such tools will not features may not mean anything in the viewing of most files. So, if you want such features choose PDF viewers of Adobe, Foxit, Nitro, PDF-XChange etc. STDU Viewer can open multiple files in tabs. Unfortunately it doesn’t alert while closing multiple tabs.
  • STDU Viewer has a navigation panel that shows contents, bookmarks, thumbnail, search, highlights of the file. It can be hidden.
  •  While opening a file it offers previewing the file and also to restore the last viewing state of the file.
  • While browsing files in a folder you can preview all supported files in it. The thumbnail preview sizes can be adjusted.
  • STDU Viewer has a session manager and by default it saves last viewing session. You can also manage its settings.
  • You can choose skins for tabs.

  • You can extract text and image files from the supported files. Supported image formsts are JPEG, PNG, GIF and Bitmap.
  •  You can search about a selected text using popular search engines.
  • If your document has a table of contents, you can open several sections in separate tabs.
  • You can send a selected image by email through an email client installed on your computer.
  •  You can send selected texts by email through an email client installed on your computer.
  • It can check for updated versions from the UI.
  • It keeps a history of recently opened files.
  • Installation of STDU Viewer is easy and fast. It do not automatically creates any desktop and quick launch icon.
  • STDU Viewer is free non-commercial usage. Otherwise you have to pay for a license.
  • STDU Viewer is not much of a memory hogger.

STDU Viewer is availble both as an installable and portable version. the installer do not have a digital signature. For using the portable version you have to unzip the file to a folder and run the file STDUViewerApp.exe.
Download link for the installer version
Download link for the portable version
My Verdict
I use STDU Viewer mainly to view djvu and djv files. Sometimes I also use it to preview randomly named PDF files in a folder. The software is lightweight and easy to use but is not that complete to replace my PDF Viewers and Image Viewers.

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