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PDF is the most popular document format these days. In addition to a number of Free and Paid softwares to create, edit and customize PDF there are online services that do the same without the hassle of installing the software. Of course online services have limitations like size limit of upload, batch processing etc.
Anyway, PDFs have two important properties, page size and page orientation that limits how a PDF will look like. Depending on the purpose you may like to change the size and orientations of PDFs. There are not much online services that do this. I have been able to find only two such service.
PDF Resize from Neevia Technology

  • This can be found in any of the following links

  • No email address needed.
  • This service is undoubtedly the best because the amount of customization it offers. It offers a number of presets of Page Size.
  • It also offers to change page orientation.
  • You will also be able to use your own settings to change PDF size. The units can be anyone of your choice.
  •  During resizing you will be able to place the original content to your desired location.

  • The size limit of upload is 5 Mb.

Kinati 2PDF

  • It can be found in the following link.

  • Requires an email address.
  •  This service offers other type of PDF editing/customizations too. Resizing of PDF doesn’t have as many presets and options as the previous one.
  • There is no size limitation mentioned in the webpage. But this is written in the webpage.

 If you are converting a large file it may take a little while for your original document to upload. Once the conversion process is complete, a PDF retrieval notification email will be sent promptly.

 I hope you will be enjoying this online services. Good Night.

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