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Like I said in my previous post, PDF is the most used document format now-a-days and online services for editing/viewing/optimizing PDF is useful at times.
Often we have PDF files contains high quality graphics and have a large size. These PDF file sizes can be reduced with the use of PDF compressors that uses the technology to actually compress the images within it. PDFs containing only text can’t of course be compressed with any PDF compressors. There are not many online services that compress PDF files. I have found only two such services.
PDF Compress from Neevia Technology

  • This can be found in any of the following links

  • It offers 4 types of compression: Low, Medium, High and Maximum at the expense of image quality. Default is Medium quality.
  • It also allows you to make the compression compatible to Acrobat 6.0, 5.0 and 4.0. Default is Acrobat 6.0.
  • The other settings change automatically by changing the presets but if you want to change those manually you can do so.
  • Maximum file size limit is 5 Mb.
  • This service does not ask for email address.
  • No watermarking.
  • After conversion it asks to “try different compression settings” or to “compress another document”. Selecting “different compression settings” to compress the same file without uploading it again shows a error report that the filesize exceeds 5 Mb. That’s the one and only bug I have found in this service.
  • This service also gives other options to customize the uploaded PDF files.

  • It can also compress secured PDF files but cannot if its password protected. After compressing the secured PDF it removes the encryption.

cvision online PDF compression

  • Webpage

  • This service is pretty basic. It gives no option to customize the compression type. But it gives other things to do with the PDF, e.g. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Rasterize.
  • Maximum file size limit is 100Mb.
  • It allows batch processing.
  • It requires an email address to download the processed file. It adds an email subscription to that email address.
  • It adds watermark to the compressed PDF.

  • It can also compress secured PDF files but cannot if its password protected. After compressing the secured PDF it removes the encryption.

My Verdict
I tested both services with a PDF file containing high quality graphics (size: 2389Kb).
Output of PDF Compress from Neevia Technology:

1. Low Compression
1432Kb (40% reduction in size)
2. Medium Compression
750Kb (68% reduction in size)
3. High Compression
431Kb (81% reduction in size)
4. Maximum Compression
 170Kb (92% reduction in size)
Output of cvision online PDF compression
496Kb (80% reduction in size)

If you need high customization, no watermark compression for small files (less than 5Mb) I should suggest you to go for PDF Compress from Neevia Technology. But if you have large PDF file you have to opt the second service.

Thank you all!

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