Close Duplicate and Emply Tabs in Firefox with Duplicate Tab Closer Extension

Tabbed Browsing made internet browsing smoother by removing distractions. It has become popular since Mozilla implemented this feature in its open source browser Firefox and mainly this is the feature that made Firefox the better choice among technologically inclined peoples. I have seen a number of friends who are totally taboholic. Although tabbed browsing is […]

Schedule Downloads in Night Unlimited Connection with Download Scheduler Add-on for Firefox

If you are running a limited bandwidth connection with unlimited access in a specific time duration of a day like the Night Unlimited Plan in BSNL (2AM to 8AM), you must have spend sleepless nights downloading files, so that your bandwidth doesn’t exceed. But if you google properly, you will find information about a number […]

Multi Dictionary Lookup can Query a Word in Different Online Dictionaries

If English is not your Mother Language and if you are not fluent in it, you must have felt the need to consult dictionaries while doing a conversation, reading an article or preparing a writeup. There are a number of desktop dictionary software and online directories available that you can use but to quickly learn […]