Close Duplicate and Emply Tabs in Firefox with Duplicate Tab Closer Extension

Tabbed Browsing made internet browsing smoother by removing distractions. It has become popular since Mozilla implemented this feature in its open source browser Firefox and mainly this is the feature that made Firefox the better choice among technologically inclined peoples. I have seen a number of friends who are totally taboholic. Although tabbed browsing is a gift, with each tab opened, the system resource usage increases. While multiple tabs are open, there is every chance of having a number of duplicate and empty tabs. To quickly reduce system resource usage originating from duplicate and empty tabs, you can use the Duplicate Tab Closer extension for Firefox.
Installing the Firefox extension is easy. Go to the extension page and click on + Add to Firefox button. Firefox will instantly download 155 Kb extension and will prompt you to install that. You will not have to restart the browser for installation completion.
After installation you can close duplicate and empty tabs by pressing the hot-key combination Ctrl + Shift +d or by clicking in the button on Add-on Bar.

The extension is really helpful, mainly to those taboholic peoples who don’t have sufficient RAM for having smooth tabbed browsing. I would highly recommend this add-on.

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