Schedule Downloads in Night Unlimited Connection with Download Scheduler Add-on for Firefox

If you are running a limited bandwidth connection with unlimited access in a specific time duration of a day like the Night Unlimited Plan in BSNL (2AM to 8AM), you must have spend sleepless nights downloading files, so that your bandwidth doesn’t exceed. But if you google properly, you will find information about a number of download managers that have scheduling features. But if you hate to install another software for this purpose I would suggest you to use Firefox browser with the Download Scheduler Add-on. The main project. I can assure you that this add-on will let you sleep more tightly.
Features & Specifications
Get Firefox from the following link
Install it and go to the following page in Firefox for downloading the add-on.
Click on Continue to Download to go to the next page, where you have to click on + Add to Firefox for starting the download. You will have to restart the browser for completing the installation.
Now right click on any link and you will find an entry Schedule Link As. Select that entry and you will be prompted to browse for a location to save the downloaded file as well as to set a name of it.

You can see the scheduled files by going to Tools>Download Scheduler . If you can’t see Tools, click Alt and your menubar will come up and you will see Tools.
Selecting that option, the list of Scheduled Files will be shown.
You can edit the download information like the save position and download link and can also add a new download and remove existing one too.
To change the schedule, go to Add-ons manager, select the Options button in Download Scheduler.
You can edit the start time of the scheduler and also set the time when you want to pause/end downloading.
My Verdict
I would highly recommend this add-on. This is surely a life saver if you want to schedule downloads from a web browser.
Cheers !!

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