Batch Download MP3 Songs from SoundCloud with Free Soundcloud Downloader and SoundDownloader

SoundCloud is very popular now and I have wrote a number of posts on it. This time I will be writing about on software that will help you to download multiple songs from SoundCloud at a time. The first one, SoundDownloader has already been featured in this site but at the time of that post, it was not offering batch download. The next one is Free Soundcloud Downloader (FSD). This software is from the same developer as the former one, but has a few distinctive features.

The software can be downloaded form the following link
It is unsigned and and has the following hash.
CRC-32: 8901f6bd
MD4: e992319be766492792a7c1a5ff84c210
MD5: d0fa1c575998be8715e77971a826e1c6
SHA-1: 2d227dec13694a27f4e6a4da016036e6aec1c0e1
Installation is fast but includes Install Monetizer, so be careful to follow the instruction.
The GUI is nice enough to follow, just paste the link of the song and click on Download. Song download will start automatically but that can be paused, started and cancelled. Output folder location is under documents, e.g. C:UsersIndiaDocumentsSoundDownloader but that can be changed.
Instruction Video
The software requires a license code but that is no longer a must. You can click Cancel and continue using the software without any limitation. See the main post for instructions in grabbing a license.
Free Soundcloud Downloader (FSD)
This software can be downloaded as Zip or Exe version from the following links. The Zip files contains the executable. The installer is unsigned. Download links as well as the hashes are the following.
Zipped Version [534 Kb]

CRC-32: 8e7826a9
MD4: 1dcdf222a770274464d156fd1b0bb8dd
MD5: 7c44cc5fd058ad9d08c9d19d2e17b1cc
SHA-1: 6931c20522d587c83565a8ea797568ef91090197

Installer Version [639 Kb]

CRC-32: 0e81a851
MD4: d6eba6a5a5139a027d25e3c34fdbbede
MD5: 93eef52f20729c6b7960cdd9111d78e8
SHA-1: 777db11ee1214ce5af0768267e3d2bb1fc5754e8

Installation is fast but again have Install Monetizer, so keep an eye during the installation.
With this software, adding link to queue is easier. You need to click on Add, which will open a dialogue Add Link to Download. There you can paste one link in one line or if you have a text file with all such links in the same format paste everything there. You can choose to start all the download immediately or at a later time.
When, you start the download, it will first analyze the links and then start the download.
There is no option to customize the output folder. All downloads will be saved under documents folder, e.g.
There is an online help documentation, as well as an instruction video.

Both the software, runs on all Windows Version and consumes minimum system resources (~ 10 Mb RAM and No CPU).
Portable Version
None of the software offers a portable version but you can easily create one.
For SoundDownloader
Copy SoundDownloader.exe and ffmpeg.exe from the installation directory to a new folder and run SoundDownloader.exe anytime you need to use the software. Please note that, the software will ask for the license code everytime even if you have entered the license already. Click cancel to skip that.
For Free Soundcloud Downloader (FSD)
Copy FreeSoundcloudDownloader.exe from the installation directory to a new folder and run that anytime for using the software.
My Verdict
I like both the software except the Install Monetizer. But since free software developers have to get revenue for their work it is acceptable. I will thus request the users to keep a close eye during software installation for avoiding any useless software.
Take Care!!

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  1. I use Allavsoft to download soundcloud playlist. According to my test, it also helps to download music, playlist, album from Spotify, Deezer. I like its batch downloading and directly download to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC etc.

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