Use Scientific Calculator Online in Google Search and in Alternatives

Although Windows and most recent operating systems comes with a In-Built Scientific Calculator, for persons like me who-hate-to-use-offline-apps-if-found-online, Google have recently launched a Scientific Calculator in its search engine. This news had been spread like an epidemic and most of your must be already know. Still I am writing this because I want to inform you about a problems in Google’s new calculator and about some other online alternatives.

Scientific Calculator in Google Search
Previously if you searched something in Google, like log(55), it only showed the result, but now it shows the result in a calculator, where you may perform other calculations as well. You can also launch the calculator by searching for Calculator or Scientific Calculator. Searching for calculation in Google, without using the calculator GUI is described in Google Help.
The only serious disadvantage I faced with Google’s new calculator is that, it does now allow to copy the results.
See, yourself what suits you more. Most of the services mentioned above have more features that Google Search Engine Calculator and offers copying the result. But still its is very useful to have such a calculator directly in search engine.
P.S: I have skipped many other online Scientific calculators, because most of them are very similar in feature to the one already listed. You are free to point me any new and good one.

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