Edit Images Online and Offline using Splashup and Splashup Light

Irrespective of whether you are a professional photographer or an ordinary person, you must have some time experienced the need for editing your photo collection. So, if you need a sophisticated but easy to use free photo editing tool, Splashup is worth a try.


Splashup is an online service that gives you enough control over your photos. It runs on Adobe Flash Player. So, if you are having troubles with Splashup, time to uninstall and install Adobe Flash Player.

1. Splashup image editor can be found in the following web-address.
Web Splashup
2. you can edit multiple images at once.
3. You can open images from your computer, capture from webcam or open from online services like your Splashup account, Facebook, flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, PhotoBucket and from any image link.
4. Many photo editing tools are there in Splashup.
  • Editing image and canvas size.
  • Crop and Auto-Crop.
  • Flattening Image.
  • Editing Layer effects. Adding new layer, deleting & duplicating existing layer, merging layers.
  • Flipping and Rasterize images.
  • A number of filters: Sharpen, Blur, Add Noice, Pixelate, Find Edges, Embross, Posterize, Clouds, Invert, Desaturate, Grayscale, Colorize, Enrich, Hue/Saturation, Contrast/Brightness.
  • Image can be zoomed out upto 50% and zoomed in upto 800%. You can do the photo-editing by going into full screen.

5. You will also able to create a new image and edit it.
6. Edited photo can be saved to your PC or automatically upload to the aforementioned online services.

Splashup Light

Splashup Light is an offline tool based on Splashup but has less flexibility as online Flashup.
1. Splashup Light can be downloaded from the following link.
2. Splashup Light runs on Adobe Air. If you don’t have Adobe Air, download and install it now.
http://get.adobe.com/air/otherversions/ (Windows and Macintosh)
http://helpx.adobe.com/air/kb/install-32-bit-air-linux.html (Linux)
3. Upon installation it installs a desktop icon.

4. The user interface is cool.

Splashup Light

5. Unlike the online version it offers opening image from your computer or capture from webcam and saving it only on your computer.
6. Image is saved in either PNG or JPG format.
7. It has nice effects and editing features.

Editing Tools

My Verdict
Splashup is a nice online service and software.

  1. Although I know very little in photo editing, the tools incorporated seems to me quite sufficient.
  2. Splashup Light is lightweight and similarly nice tool. It’s good that Splashup cares for your Social Networking Life and have kept options for using those while opening and closing images online.
  3. More image formats are needed during output of an image.
  4. The webpage seems to have been backdated but still works very well.
  5. None of the contact emails of Splashup works.
Indeed Splashup is a nice service and software. Its worth some of your time !!

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