Bandizip is a Lightweight, Feature Rich, Versatile Archiving Tool – A Review

If you are looking for a feature-rich freeware alternative of WinZip, WinRAR, PowerArchiver, WinArchiver etc, I should introduce you with Bandizip from Bandisoft.
Bandizip is a freeware, multilingual archive manager for Windows that can handle multiple archive formats including ZipX. It has many features including Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression, File Search in Archive, Archive Error Check, Support for Self Extracting Archive (SFX), Splitted Archive Volumes, Support for Unicode filenames (UTF-8), eye-catching icon-packs.

Features & Specifications

  • Bandizip can be downloaded from the following link [3.61 Mb]. Installer is digitally signed by Bandisoft and is free of malware.
  • Portable version is also available.

  • Installation is clean & very fast. Desktop icon is created automatically.
  • Bandizip is free to use at both home and in the office.
  • The software is multilingual: 23 languages are supported.
  • Bandizip is also available for Macintosh as a paid version ($1.99). Mac OS X 10.6 or later are supported. Macintosh version supports English, Korean languages.It is available on Mac App Store.
  • The software creates a link to create New Folder from Right Click Menu in a folder.
  • The software also registers to the context menu of Files, Folders & Archives. Context Menu may also be set to show in cascaded manner.
  • In the right-click menu of an archive file, there is ‘Extract Automatically’ menu. After choosing that option, if there is only one file/folder in an archive, it will extract to ‘Current Folder’. In other cases, it will create a new folder and extract files to ‘Created Folder’.
  • An optional ‘Preview Archive’ feature is available in archive context menu.
  • The software GUI is easy to follow and is resizable.
  • Bandizip can handle following file associations.
  • Bandizip can read and extract the following archive types:


  • New archive can be created in the following format:

Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, 7Z(7z.001), and EXE(e01).

  • It create or extract multiple zip files simultaneously from windows explorer
Extraction Progress
Compression Progress
  • Bandizip can Create and Extract ZipX files for free.
  • It can easily create Self Extracting Archive (SFX). You can set the following settings for that.

  • Password protected / Encrypted archives can be created using ZipCrypto and AES 256 algorithms, but Name Encryption is not yet supported.
  • New Archive Creation Dialogue
    • The software supports four types of compression levels.

    When you archive multimedia files (AVI, WMV, MKV…) or archived files (ZIP, RAR, 7Z…), you can’t get good compression results. These files are hard to compress and sometimes the file size could be bigger than the original one. Bandizip knows this concept, so when it tries to compress files, Bandizip will judge that the files are not going to be compressed anymore. Then, it will bypass the file.

    • It can use Multi-core processor for compression tasks. This option will be automatically checked in more than a triple-core processor or greater and will be automatically unchecked in a single or dual-core processor. This will make the compression significantly faster in those systems.
    • The software supports Unicode to display international characters which display for filenames in archives.
    • During extraction of archives, Bandizip can use ‘Fast Drag & Drop’ function for large archives. This means that it will then skip extracting files to temporary folder first and just extracts to the targeted folder directly.
    • The software supports a feature to Find Files in Archive.
    • Bandizip can Check Archives for Errors.
    • The software supports command line operation. See here & here for instructions.
    • The software can automatically check for major & minor software updates.
    • The software normally have just one type of icons but other icon packs can be downloaded and used.
    • The software lacks any detailed offline or online help documentation but some important features are explained in online documentations.
    • Under default settings in Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, the software consumes negligible system resources at idle time & moderately low resources during extraction & compression.
    System Resource Usage at Idle Time
    System Resource Usage during Compression
    System Resource Usage during Extraction
    My Verdict
    I like the software very much and would highly recommend it. If some additional minor improvements are done, it will become one of the best products of its kind.
    1. Support for more number of output format.
    2. Name encryption.
    3. Automatic Scan by installed installed Anti-malware.
    Cheers !!

    4 thoughts on “Bandizip is a Lightweight, Feature Rich, Versatile Archiving Tool – A Review

    1. Bandizip has a big drawback. It installs only for one user.

      In Windows 7, when logged in as administrator user account (good practice when running installers) and install Bandizip, it installs only for the admin user account. When another standard user account on the PC tries to use Bandizip. there is no right-click Bandizip context menu from Windows Explorer. That context menu exists only for the admin account.

      Bandizip developers are aware of this and don’t see it as a problem. Their forum reply:
      “Sorry. Bandizip supports only “current user” and no plan to support “all users”. (It is intended to avoid problems with UAC.)”

      This is very strange. Clearly they expect that only Windows admin accounts would want to use this. They really should learn how to install properly for Windows 7 multiple accounts, install for all users, just like most software.

      • Hi,
        I was totally unaware of this issue because I use an Administrator account. They should of course support standard accounts because it is one of the secure approach of using a PC.

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