Insights in Technology Forum is Online

Hello guys,
Finally, I have launched the forum of Insights in technology. It is online in the following location.
Feel free to join there and contribute. You may also post your feedback here.
The forum is powered by MyBB, hosted on a free hosting provider and is located on free .tk domain. Since I am yet to make any income from blogging I choose to use everything free. Lets wish everything goes well.

Initially, I was not prepared to start a forum due to a number of reasons. The first reason was my knowledge. You must know that I am a student of Chemistry. I have learned everything on computers, blogging, foruming from Google. I have no degree in IT or anything related to computers.

Starting this blog was also a bold decision. Although I had written a handful number of posts on Techno360, I was not confident at all since writing a blog post and maintaining a blog is not the same. With the help & suggestion of Good friends like Samuel of Tech I Share and Raymond, Kavin Raja etc of forum, I finally started blogging. Although they suggested me to get a domain and set-up a self hosted blog on WordPress, I was not at all prepared to take that additional load and moved to easiest option at Blogger but grabbed a paid domain name later.
Eventually during blog maintenance and customization, I forced to learn some essential html codes and got thoroughly interested in everything. Being an enthusiastic about Technology, I soon learned some essential facts on Search Engine Optimization, Blog maintenance and had understood that they were very much correct in suggesting me WordPress over Blogger. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with blogger and have hosted an educational blog on it although haven’t yet contributed much there.
Very recently, I gathered some essential knowledge on Web Hosting, Self Hosted Blogs and Forums and have spent much time in searching for making the same without spending any money. I have made another educational blog recently on WordPress. I was thoroughly excited while making that site. Discovering new things is such an amazing experience…!!
Day before yesterday, I learned about MyBB and have decided to start the forum. I hope its not a bad decision since the forum is hosted in another domain. I don’t have other choice, anyway !!
Lets hope the forum will make me better associated with the reader-base. But, more than that I loved learning MyBB and want to know more about administering a forum and maintaining it. I know it will be exciting too. :-))
Take Care !!

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